Year: 2010

wood toys

wooden toy

My friend Amy has an amazing business called Little Alouette.  She and her husband make the most beautiful hand crafted, homemade wood toys you’ve ever seen.  Gorgeous things. If ever I were to lament the fact that there weren’t such cool things around when my babies were small, now would be that time. That’s the sound of me lamenting. Little Alouette put gift cards in the SocialLuxe Lounge gift bags, and when I went to unwrap the package in New…
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The Little Engine That Could

I think I can

As you can see The Little Engine That Could is a beloved book at our house.  So adored and appreciated it’s covered in marker and sketches of crayon. Did you read this book as a child?  It was written in the early 50’s and is as much a staple of my childhood as anything else I can remember. I wrongly assumed this book wouldn’t appeal to my kids, but it’s one of our favorites. Some lessons never get old. Save…
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Funny cancer card

cancer card

Two of my favorite entrepreneurial women are the minds behind Foxy Blunt.  Jennifer and Danielle have come up with a hysterical {and frankly hysterically accurate} assortment of cards for every friend and occasion in your life. Right now?  They’re all about cancer. And about telling cancer to take a hike. 50% of the proceeds of the “Bitch Slap Cancer” cards will go to the Young Survival Coalition.  Plus?  All breast cancer cards have free shipping through October, which {in case…
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Cute four piece outfit for fall

I couldn’t help all the grimacing that came with the talk of mom jeans.  It’s a vomitous phrase, really. Ingredients for a Cute Four Piece Outfit for Fall: -Skinny Jeans from Banana Republic -Cardigan Sweater from Nordstrom Rack -3/4 length tee from The Gap -Leather belt from Lands’ End {I didn’t count these, but I probably should have}: -black leather ballet flats

southern california, here we come.

laguna beach, california

I’m on vacation right now.  An honest-to-goodness family trip that doesn’t involve any specific duties, meetings, calls, or a set schedule.  And may I just say?  I enjoy vacations quite a bit.  I’m reconnecting with my kids, playing U-NO and watching dolphins and coloring old Sesame Street coloring books on the hotel bed.  Stuff we just don’t have time to do at home. Traveling to conferences isn’t me traveling for pleasure, just f.y.i.  I get to go to cool cities…
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What’s In Your Purse Series: Week Twenty.

coach bag

This week’s What’s In Your Purse Series purse is from my friend Sarah Visbeek who writes the really funny blog In the Trenches of Mommyhood. The purse is Coach.  I got it at the outlet with some “fun money” aka Sarah’s Secret Stash I had saved up! Contents: Kate Spade wallet.  Bought the same day as purse. Notepad and pen (for grocery lists, to-do lists, calorie counting, etc.) Nail file Compact mirror My work ID (Guess where I work??? A never-ending…
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Delicious Fast Dinner Recipe.

taco soup recipe

I don’t know about you, but Fall has me bamboozled.  I’m stretched six ways from Sunday and there’s nothing I can do about it.  By the time dinner rolls around, more often than not, I’ve forgotten completely that I actually have to feed my kids and we end up going out for something.  Sad, isn’t it? Don’t cry for me Argentina, I have a couple of delicious, easy, fast recipes up my sleeve and I think you should too.  Here’s…
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Great Gift Baskets.

great gift baskets

Are you a gift person?  I am.  It’s my language of love, or some such business.  It means that when people give me presents, I feel loved.  It can be as simple as a People Magazine or a new Meg Cabot book along with a cold Diet Dr. Pepper, and I’m yours for life. Truly. So, when I got this gift basket in the mail this week, I almost plotzed. This gift basket from Fond Times is filled to the…
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How To: Tunic and Leggings.

You’ll die. I die. This is the easiest outfit known to man, truly. Leggings + Tunic + Boots for the win! Tunic: Gap $10 on clearance Leggings: Yummie Tummie $76 Boots: Target $50