Year: 2010

great new year’s eve playlist

new years eve

Have you got some hopping plans for New Year’s Eve?  I do.  Mine include: chamomile tea with honey, a book on my new Nook reader, a heating pad, and lots of painkillers. I know, I know, I like it a little crazy. If you’re in need of some tunes for a shindig you’re hosting tonight, here’s a New Year’s Eve playlist from last year: Fly Me to the Moon–Frank Sinatra The Best is Yet to Come–Frank Sinatra Save the Last…
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my first black eye


I’ve done a lot of things in my life.  I’ve played a lot of different sports, camped a lot of random dangerous places, ripped a handful of ligaments, birthed two children, tolerated 9 months of a P.I.C.C. line, and endured more than my fair share of surgeries but until yesterday, I’ve never had a black eye. It’s no walk in the park, this black eye business.  Mine hurts like the devil. I took this photo of my kids skiing at…
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Santa was good to me


I was a good girl this year.  I behaved myself, paid my bills on time, dutifully took my turn at carpool, and apart from a periodically messy house, was a good mama. Santa was good to me. I’m not bragging about the makeup-centric booty he brought, but to tell you how much it will benefit you. You see this makeup palette from Stila?  You can’t even imagine how many makeup tutorial videos I’m envisioning right now. That deep blue is…
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Homemade Neighbor Gift

peppermint marshmallows

  If you’re looking for a last minute homemade neighbor gift, I’ve got you covered.  I didn’t have time or energy to make my annual homemade toffee much to the chagrin of my children, but I made homemade peppermint marshmallows instead. Before you go calling the Martha police on me, I swear this gift is easier than it looks.  Way easier. These are just skewers with marshmallows coated in peppermint. Give them to your friends alongside packets of hot chocolate…
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flowered headband accessories

flowered headband

Would you like to start off the day with a giveaway?  I thought you might. My friend Tiffany makes really adorable flowered headbands, in addition to a whole host of other things including  brooches, belts, & skirts for little girls.  Cute stuff.  She’s put together a huge selection of the goods from her online store for one lucky winner.  The whole lot is worth $80.  It won’t get to you by Christmas, but it will get to you in time…
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last minute gift ideas.


This is an old post, guest written by my friend Amy Turn Sharp with gift ideas for the whole family.  I’m off to get some last minute shopping in with the kiddos since they’re home on a snow day from school, bouncing off the walls, making me crazy. Enjoy!

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high low lip gloss

lip gloss high low

I’m about to give you what you really come to Petit Elefant for: beauty advice. Don’t you? Do you come for all my incoherent rambling and references to my Polish husband and his weird European habits?  Or is it my weird addiction to Diet Dr Pepper? Well, anyway.  I’m here today to talk about lip gloss, because it’s what makes my world go round. More specifically, I’m here to talk about high low lip gloss.  You know what I mean,…
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kid style

rain boots

I love seeing what Precocious puts together for school outfits. It’s never boring, that’s for sure. She came home from school wearing this last week, and I loved it from head to toe. striped polo shirt patterned summer skirt grey leggings rain boots Precocious is very bohemian with her style, always has been, which is a little funny since I’m so particular with my clothes. Like mother like….well.  Not so much.

Double dream hands Friday

My friend just tweeted out this video of Double Dream Hands, and I learned all kinds of new dance phrases such as: double dream hands crank it reach for the audience burst rain hands I’m so happy right now, I don’t know what to do with myself.