Year: 2009

tom and lucy’s art shoppe.

Where are you going this weekend? Besides the New Moon Premiere at the Gateway with me? I’ll tell you where: Tom & Lucy’s Art Shoppe. What is Tom & Lucy’s? Well, the hippest place on the map this weekend, your one-stop-shop boutique for holiday gifts. I’m telling you the vendors are phenomenal, the goods are to die for and frankly, you’ll be one sad camper if you don’t show up.

christmas traditions.

We are slowly building a collection of children’s Christmas books to enjoy during the holiday season. Read more about that here. We read a lot of books with our little ones and it’s nice to emphasize special occasions and holidays with an appropriate book. We have come across a few to consider this year. These two seem particularly lovely. Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. R. Tolkien Tolkien is a brilliant mind, whether fantasy is your genre of choice…
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hosiery woes-ery

Motherhood and Pantyhose just don’t seem to go together very well. Some say nylons or pantyhose should always be worn with a dress or skirt, some disagree. My personal feeling is that in the summer, hosiery is a bit silly. In the winter time, however, the reverse seems silly. I don’t know the actual consensus on the matter, but I for one hate to have cold legs and unfortunately, I also hate (despise, abhor, dislike) traditional nylons and pantyhose. The…
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brandi carlile {give up the ghost}

You know what I can’t stop listening to right now? Brandi Carlile’s Give Up The Ghost. I discovered her last album The Story sometime last year and listened to it non-stop for a month. She evokes a certain likeness to the Indigo Girls with a little more bohemian feel and I love, love her music. Might make for a great stocking stuffer for the music lover in your life. Go over Brandi’s site and have a listen, I guarantee it…
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unique christmas cards

I am totally excited about our holiday cards this year. First of all because it’s early in November and my cards are already in envelopes, ready to be addressed. And secondly because they are so cool. We ordered our cards through Minted, an online stationery company that does not only holiday cards but baby announcements, weddings, and basically anything awesome relating to paper. I was really impressed with the huge selection of Holiday Cards from Minted; in fact it was…
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painting a pantry door.

I’ve been begging Viktor for a red wall in our house since the day we moved in, to no avail. He thinks it’s *garish*. Then I moved on to wanting a chalkboard wall, you know, for the kids. {wink} He decided it was too messy. So I came up with a winning compromise. I painted the inside of the pantry door with chalkboard paint {for recipes, menus, and notes from the kiddos} and the outside, bright red. Everybody wins. Well,…
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how to: dress like mad men.

If you need some sexy pieces of clothing to spice up your fall and winter wardrobe, look no further than ModBod clothing. I had the chance to try some outfits from the ModBod Fall Line and I’m here to tell you: run, don’t walk to find your wallet. I haven’t tried on such universally flattering, comfortable, well made clothing for women {us curvies too} in a while. Hot, hot, HOT. I call this one the sexy secretary. It reminds me…
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Thanksgiving project

I haven’t tried this one yet, but it looks like it’s right up our alley. A fun little craft for my toddler and me. It’s showcased as a place card for Thanksgiving dinner, which is a great idea, but it would also be fun to send these in the mail to far away loved ones. I think I might just try it. I’ll let you know how it goes.[read: how long my three  year old’s attention holds/until I start using…
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is it too soon?

…to be thinking about holiday decorating? I know of those who put their Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, even their Christmas tree. Me, well, I aim to have the shopping done by T-day, and the cards ready by December 1st. Key word being “try.” If you craft your way through the holiday season, you know it’s not too soon to get started. I discovered these ornaments while searching for instructions to replicate a homemade ornament from my childhood. Aren’t they…
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