Year: 2009

custom return address name stamp.

Have you ever visited the Etsy shop lettergirl? Oh, the cuteness! Gina has designed rubber stamps with your name or return address that look like they’re handwritten. By a well seasoned scrapbooker. Or someone like Marta, with the cutest handwriting known to man. But you can fake it with these rubber stamps! I must have one, they are so adorable. Gina has kindly offered to give away a self-inking name stamp to one of you. Sadly I can’t participate, so…
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valentine gift ideas for her.

Here are some Valentine ideas for your daughter, your girlfriends, your sisters, your mom. And you, don’t forget you. There’s no rule about not getting yourself something for Valentine’s Day. Pomegranate Candle. $30 {via Layla Grayce} Cherry Checker Brag Book {via Hable Construction} $35 Bright Pink Cable Blanket {via Pure & Honest Kids} $36 Bamboo Robe {via Layla Grayce} $78 Red Bubblegum Two Step Tights Pure & Honest Kids $12 O! To be a girl notes 16 notes & envelopes…
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valentine ideas.

It’s Valentine Week! My husband thinks Valentine’s is {and I quote} “a manufactured Hallmark holiday geared at forcing men to buy unnecessary trinkets to keep their women happy”, so I take care of my own needs during Valentines. And that includes doing things that are fun for myself, such as: officially declaring it to be Valentine Week on Petit Elefant. What does this mean for you? Valentine Crafts Gift Suggestions Favorite Romantic Songs Valentine Decorations & Giveaways!! Let’s get right…
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weekly fitness tip: buy cute workout clothes.

Treat yourself to cute workout gear. It helps me get motivated to work out if I’m going to wear something fun. The frumpy sweats and oversize tees just don’t cut it for me. You don’t have to break the bank to get cute gear either, I’ve found some really really good deals on workout gear at Old Navy of all places. I wouldn’t *ahem* buy my sports bras there, but for the cute stuff go ahead! It’s worth it, I…
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BabyPop Giveaway Winner!

Fascinating choices in super powers from all of you, thanks for entering the giveaway.  The random integer gods have chosen  #50 Wendy @ the Shabby Nest who said: Oh yeah! I love the princess cape. Very cute! Congrats Wendy!  We hope your princess feels extra super with a new custom cape! And thanks again to talented Sherry from BabyPop

join the presidential fitness challenge!

YOU’RE INVITED TO JOIN THE PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE! Petit Elefant invites you to join The 2009 Petit Elefant Fitness Challenge ! {You know you’ve been dying to join} SO, WHAT IS THE PETIT ELEFANT FITNESS CHALLENGE? I’ve created a group called Petit Elefant Fitness Challenge within the national Presidential Challenge {national as in U.S. but you don’t have to be from {or in} the U.S. to join!} . It’s a series of programs designed to help improve anyone’s activity level. If…
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Seeking Advice

OK wise mommies of the blogosphere. I need some advice.  We are gearing up for the arrival of baby #2 in just a few weeks, a boy. Our other child, also a boy, is 2.5 years old and is quite a pistol. A charmer, and sometimes tender, but still a pistol. Described by others as “3 little boys rolled into one.” We are thrilled to be adding another one to our little home–I always wanted 2 boys.  Here’s where the…
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