Year: 2009

Allison talks fashion on NBC morning show Studio 5.

I went on a local NBC morning show called Studio 5 this past Thursday to talk about accessorizing outfits. I learned a few things about myself: 1. I’m a hand talker. Jazz hands flailed all around me, out of my control while I excitedly talked about accessories. 2. I don’t get nervous for live TV. Go figure. 3. The next time I do an on-air interview I guarantee I will have the plague, swine flu, or something worse. I literally…
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cookie tip: add toffee bits to your favorite cookie.

It’s “bake cookies” day on our paper chain. My husband’s favorite kind is a snickerdoodle, but since I prefer a good old fashioned oatmeal or chocolate chip, that’s what we make most often. We experimented today and discovered this trick: next time you bake up a batch of your super-spectacular-best-ever-world famous chocolate chip cookies, add 1/2 cup toffee bits to the dough when you add the chocolate. Makes for a little extra something special and will have friends and loved…
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recipe for delicious vegetarian chili

This chili from Robin Miller is very satisfying on a chilly evening, and for lunch the next day. Zesty, colorful, warm and hearty. Bonus points: cooks in the crock pot, and is quite healthful.  Even my meat-n-potatoes lovin’ hubby raved about it, each of the three times i’ve made it in the last month. We omitted the lima beans (not fans of those) and substituted extra red beans instead. Some warm tortillas or cornbread on the side? Perfection. If you…
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huntington beach hotel

Viktor is in the middle of making a pro/con list as to why we should uproot the family and move to Southern California. Like, seriously. I’m not about to move. I have a circle of close friends and family I adore, my home is becoming lovely {even though I still have a concrete slab as a living room floor} and I like living here. But friends, I’m here to tell you that this week Viktors’ *pro* list is pretty long…
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chained up

We created our first Christmas paper chain this week. A project exactly on my toddler’s level: he gets to use scissors and glue sticks which make him very happy. Also, it’s something that comes together quickly and that can be enjoyed throughout the month. He doesn’t yet understand the concept of a calendar or counting down the days, but this is a learning tool. We had such a nice time putting it together.  Each morning (that’s been two mornings thus…
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christmas quilt

discovered at the Purl Bee, click on through to link to the designer and instructions. i think it’s delightful

weekend in the woods.

After Thanksgiving next to the ocean we went up the mountain to Big Bear to spend a couple of days with Dziadek {our Polish grandfather} at his tiny tiny cabin in the woods. And when I say tiny, I mean 400 square feet. For 5 people. The kids love it, they go bananas for the cabin in the woods. Because Dziadek does things like teach them how he feeds squirrels walnuts out of the palm of his hand. Dziadek is…
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pretty holiday cards!

Who needs some holiday cards asap? Well, that would be you of course. I’m giving away 100 holiday cards from one of my favorite designers Freshly Squeezed, because I love you, and you deserve the cutest cards on the block this year. I really can’t decide which one I like best, so thank heaven it isn’t up to me. One of you gets to make that choice all by yourselves thankyouverymuch. Giveaway Details: To enter the Freshly Squeezed Holiday Cards…
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Happy Thanksgiving from Sunny Southern California.

We’re having a great time in California. It was literally 80 degrees today so we spent a couple hours poolside lounging in the sun. Not a bad way to start Thanksgiving. We’re staying at the Embassy Suites which has comfortable beds, free breakfast for the kiddos, a hot tub {sqeee!}, and the obvious but awesome: a television. I haven’t watched live TV since May when I banned it from the house. I got to watch this show last night real…
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