Year: 2009

hanukkah craft

If I were celebrating Hanukkah, I’d be all over this idea for the kids. A DIY kid friendly menorah.

fun ideas for stocking stuffers

Oh how I love to stuff those stockings; I look forward to it every year. In fact, I’m itching to do it right now…but Santa may not be too pleased with me.  I love it so much that I hang gigantic stockings. Some of my most memorable Christmas gifts were those found in my own stocking on Christmas morning. In my most humble opinion, a properly stuffed stocking should contain the following elements: practical, frivolous, sweet, traditional.  And most everything…
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holiday gift guide for little boys.

1. Finn Shoes by Eleven $50 Eleven shoes continue to delight in my house as even the outdoorsy, non-stop battling, scuffing Charming can’t seem to wear them out. They’re stylish and worth every extra penny for the endurance. If Charming can’t wear them out, no one can. 2. Kideko Monster Pajamas $34.95 Kideko, an Australian children’s company came onto my radar last year and I haven’t been able to get these pajamas out of my head since. Could these monster…
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holiday gift guide for women.

I have a myriad of holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list. Bazillions of them floating all around my brain, so it’s time to share. I’m doing the guides one at a time, designated by him/her/kids and you can do the discerning as to which lucky person on your list gets the loot. All I can do is point you in the right direction. So off we go. The first gift guide is for her, whether that her be…
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Discipline and Reinforcing Good Behavior

Our three year old is something of strong-willed child: opinionated. determined. assertive. impossible. A pistol to be sure, now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy he’s not a bump-on-a-log, but sometimes the defiance willfulness is out of control. We are not the kind of parents that don’t believe in limits or discipline, but I find myself scolding more than I like, telling him “NO!” more than I like, feeling frustrated more than I like. All of this definitely more than…
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shade outfit giveaway!

People, I have good news. I’m doing a giveaway of a whole, entire outfit {you’re on your own for shoes and accessories} courtesy of Shade Clothing. You want this outfit, you really do. 1. Ruffle Top {$24.50} Adorable. Everyone needs more ruffles in their life.2. Solid scarf {$12.50}You know how I feel about accessories right? They make or break an outfit.3. D-Ring Lounge Vest {$36.50}I have yet to master the art of vest wearing, probably because of my *ahem* decent…
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giveaway winners!

The winners from the Freshly Squeezed and Cinnamon Sticks giveaways are, as chosen by the gods of Random.Org: Freshly Squeezed Cards: Karly$50 to Cinnamon Sticks: Kristin If you didn’t win the Freshly Squeezed Holiday cards, no need to fret. Head over to the site for 20% off all holiday orders. Yay! Thanks to Cinnamon Sticks and Freshly Squeezed for the stylish and lovely giveaways.

feeling under the weather.

Charming says to me yesterday morning: Charming: Mama, I don’t feel good. I think I should stay home from preschool. I don’t want to get *my kids* sick. Me: You’re going to lie here next to me quietly and let me sleep if you stay home from preschool? C: I will be as quiet as a mouse. I am sick. It wouldn’t be fair to go to preschool and get *my kids* sick mama, that would be mean. I will…
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I’m sick.

Friends, I’m in bed. I feel like I’m dying, but that’s just me being dramatic. I literally have a fever of 102.2 and am having coughing contests with Charming, and there will be a lot of SpongeBob watching today. I’ll be back later with holiday gift guides and giveaways galore. Hooray for alliteration!