Year: 2009

stephanie’s story.

{photo via The Arizona Republic} Have you read the full story about Nie Nie’s ordeal in the Arizona Republic? Oh my. So well written it will make you weep into your shirt. Bring a tissue or two, or three. Love you Steph.

Make a Beaded Snowflake Ornament

One of the activities on our advent was “make ornaments.”  Together, my little guy and  I made these beaded snowflake ornaments. Maybe they look more like stars, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It was simple enough for my little boy to do, and is pretty enough to hang on the tree. Simple, cheap, and a little bit shiny. I handled the twisting and bending of the pipe cleaners and my toddler did the beads–a great fine motor skills…
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thrifting finds.

I have to scale back my thrifting a little as I’ve found some seriously amazing things in the last couple of months. I scored something awesome for Viktor’s Christmas present that I can’t show you until after the holidays, and I had a ridiculously awesome trip to D.I. {one of my favorite thrift stores} a couple months ago that has to go on record, so here it is. This antique milk can is the creme de la creme. It was,…
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giveaway winners!

Happy day, we have two winners! Random.Org chose them, I had nothing to do with it, I swear. Bread & Butter Giveaway Winner: Madeline, who said: Oh. The cuteness is just killing me!! Shade Outfit Giveaway Winner: Shar: I want to win this. Fo shizzle. Ladies, get in touch with to claim your loot, and CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to everyone who twittered, blogged, and became a Petit Elefant fan on Facebook, I really appreciate it.

ash the psycho jungle cat: precocious guest posts.

Hello weird, wacky, & wonderful world! Precocious here. And I’m here to talk about our latest (two years ago) addition to the family. As the title says, “Ash, the psycho jungle cat. As a member of the feline species, she belongs to a breed, and that wonderful breed just happens to be a beautiful Bombay. They are known to have gorgeous gold eyes and be (relatively) friendly with children. I think the reason she is relatively friendly with us is…
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10-year-old book reviewer.

Hello the wild, wacky, & weird world! Precocious here. I’ve been BEGGING & BEGGING mom to let me post, and it’s always gone out like………………………. Me: Mom, can I guest post this week? Mom aka Petit Elefant: Sure baby doll! One week later… Me: Mom, can I guest post this week? Mom: Sure baby doll! One week later…. Well, you get the idea. Here’s a few of my VERY favorite books,(Mom had to delete some): 1. Fablehaven, Secrets of the…
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hotel salt lake city

Last week I was invited to spend the night at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City with a few blogging girlfriends. The itinerary included dinner at The Melting Pot restaurant {across the street from the hotel}, massages and facials in the {renowned} hotel spa, and dinner in the hotel restaurant. Ummmm. Don’t hate me. Please keep reading my blog even though sometimes I live a charmed and spoiled life. I’m still a nice, normal person with dishes in…
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bread & butter kitchen tools giveaway!

Who needs a little something for the kids this season? Bread & Butter, an adorable online kitchen shoppe is giving away a goody basket filled to the brim with fun kids cooking gear. $100 worth actually. So peek around the shoppe, and enter the giveaway. Happy day. Here’s what you’re getting: Set of 8 Party Animal Candleholders $25 Number Magnet Set $12 Little Reindeer Apron $16.50 Cakes for Kids Cookbook by Matthew Mead $19.95 Monkey Measuring Spoons. Seriously? Oh for…
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what to put in stockings for kids.

For the little ones who have hung their stockings with care, might I suggest the following: a candy cane an orange–if you like to do things the old fashioned way a chocolate santa small cars (think hot wheels or matchbox) crayons or markers, maybe even glitter markers if you are brave novelty bath soap or bubbles a classic toy: a viewmaster with extra reels, yo-yo, or slinky fun toothbrush cozy socks, hat or mittens for older kids, consider a classic…
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