Year: 2008

For all the little odds and ends

For years I have been using hanging shoe organizers like the one pictured.  But not for my shoes.  I’ve placed them on my list of indispensable household tricks.  In the laundry room for odd buttons, lint rollers, mini sewing kits, etc.  In the nursery for little socks and shoes, pacifiers, burp cloths, etc.  In my closet for hosiery, scarves and similar accessories In the coat closet for mittens, hats, and little things like alcohol gel, lip balm, spare keys, flashlights,…
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plasma car for kids.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that it snowed today, or that Halloween is over and I need a new holiday to decorate for, but Christmas presents are on my mind right now. I have encountered so many cool toys as of late that I hardly know where to start. Hardly. That leaves a little wiggle room, right? $69.95 {via PlasmaCar}. ages 3-12 {up to 220 lbs} Speaking of wiggling, I think we need to discuss the PlasmaCar. It’s…
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animal towels for kids.

3 Sprouts Elfie Elephant Hooded Towel. $32 {on sale} via Little Baby Shoes. 3 Sprouts, a company based in Ontario, Canada, offers a sweet collection of animal bean bags, hooded towels, & sleep sacks, all of which are cute enough to make me want baby #3. The towels are thick, soft, and extremely well made. The bean bags are perfect for afternoon story time or the finishing touch on your perfect nursery. Pouletta Bean Bag Chair $155. {via Mortimer Snodgrass}.

Little Jet Set

Discussions of holiday travel plans are common at my house right now. Where to go for what holiday, whether to go anywhere at all, when to go if we do go, weather considerations, and how to manage it all with the impending discomfort of pregnancy and our delightful [impossible] 2 year old. The latter probably posing the greatest obstacle–I’d rather avoid resigning myself to a portable DVD player. Thankfully, Little Jet Set has compiled a delightful arsenal of travel helps and…
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nicole CARMAN photography giveaway!

This will be quick as I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from the election coverage. I have an AMAZING giveaway courtesy of the ever generous and talented Nicole Carman. If you live in or around the Utah area, you’ve got to enter. Nicole is so great with kids {C is notorious for being rotten during photo shoots but Nicole manages to get great shots of him anyway} and she’s never taken a picture of my family I didn’t…
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go vote.

I’m back! I’ve been m.i.a. for a bit but I’m very happy to go back. The death of my friend’s son really rocked me and I’ve been spending a lot of time loving on my babies instead of blogging. A big thank you to my co-editors KJ and Alma for their fantastic posts, and a humongous KUDOS to Amy Turn Sharp for her guest posts. Isn’t she clever? I loved all her ideas and can’t wait to try them all…
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Make Your Own Muppet

In honor of Mike’s and my anniversary today, I thought that I should share something very near and dear to his heart. Mike absolutely loves the Muppets. So within moments of FAO Schwartz opening their Muppet What Not Workshop where you can design your own Muppet, Mike had already assembled and ordered his very own, self-designed, fully-functional Muppet. We haven’t received it yet, but we know it’s been shipped. You need to check this site out. Even if you don’t…
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vintage halloween photos.

Happy Halloween Folks! Thanks so much for having me here to chat about parties this week. I love Allison and her space- isn’t it wonderful here?! I wanted to leave you with some amazing and cool photographs of vintage Halloween days! I also wanted to give a shout out to PJ’s Talking & Paige for the great tips they gave us in the back to basics post! There is so much on the web to swoon and drool over and…
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holiday gift ideas for the whole family.

The holidays are here folks, is your goody box stocked? I know we all try and get to our major shopping lists and think about who we are going to buy for, but one thing that can be quite stressful is the small hostess gifts and trinkets that we like to have on hand. My mother had a large drawer full of hostess gifts and pressies growing up. She loved to be able to pull out a quick gift for…
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