Year: 2008

cleaning tips.

Before I get to the good stuff, all the Christmas goodies I’ve been dying to share with you, I need to share a couple of cleaning tips. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need to have the whole house clean before I decorate for Christmas. While I was cleaning yesterday I was thinking about all kinds of tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years of my domestication and who better to share them with…
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neighbor gifts.

It’s December 1st and I have Christmas and baby on the brain. With a baby due shortly after the holiday season (that could potentially come right smack in the middle of the holiday season!) it’s hard to concentrate completely on holiday planning. I don’t even feel that I can really plan for the holidays, because a lot just depends on when this boy comes! So I’m trying to keep things simple this year. One thing that I’d like to do…
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Another find via OhDeeDo is  UK Based website Muji (there are a limited number of stores overseas) offering goodies from the famed modern Muji line of gifts and household items. I can see why people are talking about it—their assortment of wooden toys and playsets is irresistible. Some of my picks:  Italy in a Bag even little gondolas! Mystery in a Bag mysteries of the world like Stonehenge and Lochness monster  Penguin Skittles an adorable mini bowling set note: 5.95 British…
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as promised, the giveaway winner.

and the winner is…. Rynell Congratulations Rynell. Get in touch with me as soon as possible so I can get the gift card out to you. A big thanks to Build-A-Bear and to everyone who entered. We have a lot of fun giveaways lined up in the immediate future so STAY TUNED! As always, if I don’t hear from you within a week a new winner will be chosen, so hurry!

how to: make a delicious homemade pie crust.

This weekend, Mike and I put together a little video tutorial for you on how to make a pie crust. We wanted to have it up before Thanksgiving. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a little bit too lengthy, but due to our lack of video editing skills, it’s the best that we could do. We’ll work on acquiring better video editing skills in the future. For now, if you have a good 20 minutes to invest,…
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recipe for homemade pumpkin apple muffins.

Seems the season is ripe for sharing, and I promise this one is a keeper. And just right for Thanksgiving morning,  when you most definitely need sustenance to see you through to the big meal, but you most definitely don’t want anything heavy. Must save room for stuffing and pie! These are perfect for house guests–make a day or two ahead then allow guests to help themselves to muffins and juice or milk. I had a lovely roommate in college…
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p.s. the twilight soundtrack.

{image via Barnes & Noble}. I promise I won’t beat the Twilight drum all day, but I forgot to mention that I love the playlist Stephenie Meyer compiled as her idea of the movie soundtrack, it was perfect. And even though the movie soundtrack doesn’t match her playlist, it did a great job portraying the emotions of the film. So, if anyone wants to send me an iTunes gift card or the Twilight Soundtrack please feel free, Christmas is just…
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twilight movie review.

I’ve been a Twilight fan from the beginning, through controversy and all, {and by the way enjoying them doesn’t make me any less of an intellectual, I take issue with that} and I love the whole series, even {gasp, sigh!} Breaking Dawn. I was one of those crazy people who went with a group of girlfriends last night to the Midnight showing of the movie adaptation of Twilight. I’m not going to give anything away for those of you who…
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Free Advent Calendar Download!

As my Christmas gift to you this year, I have decided to create a customizable paper advent calendar that you can download for free! This calendar is one part freebie and one part craft! (Meaning that it’s not as easy as downloading and printing—some assembly is required!) Because my baby could be born in December, a lot of people have commented that my poor son might have a December birthday! But as a December baby myself, I know that mothers…
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