Year: 2008

Let’s talk more baby stuff…

Really, who doesn’t love to gush and coo over baby things? Because, when it comes to baby things, they can never be too soft or too cute, like those found at West Coast Baby. Based in Vancouver, B.C., and founded by mommies (naturally), their designs are simple, darling, comfy, cozy, sweet. Loving everything in their collection, particularly their layette. You’ll be so happy to get your next baby shower invitation, because you’ll be dying to give something from West Coast Baby….
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holiday entertainment.

I’m still here. Barely. There was so much to-do-ing about Christmas this year that I’m taking a little bit of time to just relax and enjoy the holiday. My kids are still out of school, and my husband {miracle of miracles!} is still off work, so we are just hanging out doing puzzles, sledding, drinking hot cocoa, sledding, eating leftover sweets, skiing, sledding, and watching a lot of good movies. Speaking of which, P went to see Bedtime Stories {love,…
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Still Waiting

It’s me here—Alma—and I’m still waiting for the baby to come. I’m at 39 weeks and for some reason I really thought that he’d come before now. Probably I felt that Murphy’s Law would have him come on Christmas. He didn’t! And I even went on a walk through a foot of snow on Christmas night to see if I could put myself into early labor (or really to bring down my blood sugars after Christmas dinner because I have…
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recipes for christmas eve.

We have a myriad of traditions on for Christmas, the majority of which take place on Christmas Eve. My husband is from Warsaw, Poland {for those of you who haven’t heard me mention that 18 times already} and we like to follow his Polish traditions for Christmas Eve {Wigilia} and my American ones on Christmas Day. The biggest thing about Christmas Eve, for the kids anyway, is that we open all the gifts that night. That’s the grand culmination of…
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On this Christmas Eve

enjoy hot cocoa while watching a beloved Christmas movie. cozy up with little ones and a beloved Christmas story. sing favorite Christmas songs.  wrap packages in pretty ribbon.  eat and enjoy and think naught of calories. hang your stocking with care. love & laugh & reminisce. celebrate. travel safely. listen for sleigh bells. remember what matters. Merry Christmas!

how to: ingredients for making reindeer food.

One of the most important Christmas traditions at our house for is making reindeer food. We leave cookies and milk every year for Santa, so why would we forget the reindeer? We make up a batch for the reindeer that will come to our house, then mix up a bit extra to give to the kids’ friends. You can vary the recipe however you want but don’t forget the glitter, that’s the most important part. If you don’t add that…
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track santa with norad.

We love to track Santa Claus every year with NORAD {“the bi-national U.S.-Canadian military organization responsible for the aerospace and maritime defense of the United States and Canada.} Check up every few hours to see which kids all over the world are lucky enough to have been visited by Santa already! He’s really busy on Christmas Eve and you can watch his sleigh in Google Earth 3-D; It’s really magical. {photo via NORAD}.

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giveaway winners list!

Here are the winners. Thank you to Excite Books, Family Talk, The Young Scientists Club, Nankeen, Snorg Tees, Macy’s, Jishaku, and The Peanut Shell! These giveaways have been so much fun, I’ve loved reading your comments. I still have a few giveaways left but I’m going to leave them for January. My kids are wrapped around my legs, just waiting for me to get off the computer and start Christmas already! Thanks for entering the contests, get in touch with…
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holiday card.

Since my holiday cards are still sitting on my desk unaddressed, unstamped, and unmailed, I thought I’d post it for all of you. That way I don’t feel quite so guilty for not getting it all done this year. Thanks for all your support of Petit Elefant this year; I can’t wait to see what 2009 brings! Happy Holidays!