Work-Out Wear Gift Card Give Away for You!

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All work-out wear images via Albion Fit

*** WINNER: #30, SARA. Congratulations, Sara! Contact us ASAP so you can get started on your workout in style! ***

You like wearing cute work-out clothes to the gym, yes?  Me too.  In fact, I feel about 87.5432% more confident working out if I’m wearing something cute, especially when said cute is holding all my bits and pieces in place.  Let’s hear it for my big busted girls!


work out wear give away

Today I’m hosting a giveaway for you, and you, and YOU (but really, only one of you) to win $100 spending money to Albion Fit, a local Utah company that makes gorgeous work-out gear and swimsuits for the ladies.  I love my own Albion Fit swimsuit so much I’m pretty sure I’ll cry when it finally gives out.  In fact, every time I wear it someone asks me where they can get their very own one shouldered emerald one piece swimsuit.  And I’m always happy to say: ALBION FIT, that’s where.

Work Out Wear Gift Card Give Away

This is the one-shoulder swimsuit I love so much.


This is me wearing my favorite aforementioned one-shoulder swimsuit from Albion Fit on the French Riviera when I died and went to heaven traveled to The Cannes Film Festival last year.

When I actually work out, which hasn’t happened a whole lot lately, I really, really love my work-out gear to:

a) keep me from looking like I have cellulite

b) hold in the jiggly bits

c) allow me to jump and lunge and sweat while looking foxy and contained

d) all of the above

So.  Let’s get to the juicy stuff.  A $100 credit to Albion Fit, how does one enter?  Glad you asked.

Enter the $100 Albion Fit Work-Out Wear Gift Card Give Away for You!

  1. Go window shopping and find your favorite thing ever on the Albion Fit site
  2. Pin your favorite item from Albion Fit to Pinterest
  3. Leave a comment here linking to the pin on Pinterest
  4. Have a fabulous day!
  5. This giveaway is open until next Monday, May 19th at midnight MST.  That’s Utah time for you.


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  1. Shae :

    What perfect timing – I just joined a new gym TODAY! I love my Albion swimsuit, but didn’t realize they made workout clothes too. Definitely loving it.

  2. 2wellsmade5 :

    I’ve pinned so many of their suits and work out great it’s crazy! I don’t know how to get my Pinterest links here though…. someone do share, if you dare!

    • 2wellsmade5 :

      Still can’t copy and paste my link…. :-( I love the navy and white stripe with green sash(showstopper), the Parisian one, the navy blue Icon suit and the Nautical bow suit! My Pinterest is 2wellsmade5 and it’s on the “what needs to be in my closet” board! Maybe this will help!

  3. Lindsey MacMurray :

    I am in love!!

  4. Antoinette :

    I LOVE Albion! I’ve been dying to buy this swimsuit
    since they posted it on their instagram account. It’s like something Barbie would wear! Love love love all their ultra-feminine designs. Especially their ruffle workout wear. Great givaway! Thanks!

  5. Christy Peeples DuBois :

    I love Albion Fit!! I’ve pinned the Tuxedo Swim Top to my giveaways board but I can’t paste the link. My username is christypeeplesd. I hope this will count. Thanks so much.

  6. Brooke :

    LOVE ALBION FIT! I have the swimsuit thats loose like a top and totally flattering with my middle and would love to try out their workout gear

  7. caitlyn :

    my favorite item is the baseball tee in orange —–
    I also love the signature hoodie in belize blue! Such gorgeous colors…
    I heard about them a couple months ago and wanted to try them with my tax return. long story short, i never got my money bcuz it got taken to pay a loan that I thought was deferred.. So no albion fit for me until I get some extra money or win :)

  8. Gina :

    I love this tank! I don’t work out at a gym these days. But, this would be great for long days working in my back yard.

    Here’s the link to my pin:

    I also pinned the Go Long Crew, with thumb-holes, in the pool color. I’m terrible at making decisions!

  9. Caitlyn :

    Yayyyyyy can’t wait to see who wins!