William Riera

All dressed up with nowhere to go! Not yet, anyway.  I spent yesterday pulling weeds and chasing little monsters around the neighborhood and probably didn’t shave my legs or comb my hair, but then a package from William Riera arrived. I forgot about the dirt under my nails, tore open the package and tried on the dress immediately. Guess what?  I actually do love it! For starters, it’s soft and comfortable. For finishers, it’s forgiving, ahem. And in between, there are flirty ruffles to love. Finally, a little black dress that isn’t too little.

If you haven’t entered the dress giveaway yet, hurry! Today is the last day to enter!

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  1. Allison :

    Oh that looks so great on you, LOVE IT!

  2. Sarah :

    i love this dress, it looks great on you!