What’s in Your Purse Week Thirty One

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series Purse is from Jan from Aerograms from Jan, a Canadian Expat living in Ireland.  I want to be like her when I grow up.  Thanks Janice!

whats in my purse

what's in my purse

Purse – I lusted after this black leather Coach bag (model 9326) for years since I first met my best mate Marie back in 2003. When Marie retired hers from regular usage, I sneakily picked one up on eBay and it’s been my best mate ever since (sorry Marie – first for mimicking your handbag style and secondly for replacing you with an inanimate object). When my lovely little Coach isn’t slung over my shoulder and nestled snuggly under my arm, it’s keeping my Nanny’s old stole company in the cupboard (don’t they look happy together?)

Contents –

1. Oyster card – This is a prepay travel card to use the Tube in London. I don’t live in London but I seem to carry this around all the time for when I travel there for work or to visit mates.
2. Eyeglass case and a glasses wipe – I’m a long time wearer of specs and it’s my uber pet peeve when my glasses get a grease mark on them and I have nothing to wipe them off with.
3. An Eiffel tower motif linen bag – to carry my lippie and eyedrops in.
4. Pink leopard print elastic hair tie – oh dear…
5. A bagmate – my handbag organizer that I put all the rest of the contents in and can transfer everything easily between handbags
6. Housekeys – “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home….”
7. iPod headphones – but no iPod….hmmmmm….I will have to locate that…
8. Canon camera – carried around to snap pictures of me looking chummy with celebrities (which has yet to happen so mostly I just take snaps of happy times with my mates)
9. Matthew Williamson for H&M wallet – I believe your driving license, credit card and bus fare deserve to be sported about in something colourful.
10. 1930’s celluloid sunglasses – bought on eBay and brought out the instant the Irish weather turns the least bit sunny (which is a rare treat, believe me….)
11. A business card for the Millhouse restaurant on College Green in Dublin – we got a gift voucher as a wedding present and haven’t managed to make it there yet….nummy…
12. Shine On Bon Bon Lipstick
13. Ginger Lip Gloss
14. Boots Contact Eye Drops
15. Lip Naturals Teat Tree Mint Lip Balm – I can find this no where other than my dentist office back in Canada and a website in China so buy it in bulk from the far east. By FAR the best soothing lip balm for super dry lip sufferers!
16. Half a pack of Extra Cool Breeze gum – for those impromptu make-out sessions (with my husband, naturally)
17. A one way ticket for the Dublin Air Coach
18. A one way ticket for the Berlin metro – leftover from my hen party there this summer – I wish I could go back!
19. iPod charger – yet still no iPod – hmmmmm….
20. A nose-plug – because I’m lame and can’t go surfing without one (it’s on my life list to sort that out)

If you’d like to submit your purse, {and I’d really really love it if you did} please send me two GOOD photos of your purse: one of the inside, one of the outside along with a listing of the contents to allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom

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  1. Kelly :

    the contents picture doesn’t match the description – it looks like last weeks picture – you might want to check the post again:)

  2. Alicia W. :

    I was going to mention this too. The pull up and strawberry shortcake coloring page don’t match the description!

  3. Jessica @ One Shiny Star :

    Even if the second picture isn’t the right one – that first picture of the purse is very classy!

  4. Michal :

    I’m looking at the padlock and want to hear the rest of the story…

  5. Leslie :

    Ha! That’s MY stuff from last week… The padlock is sadly just for the gym. :) I was going to tell you when I first saw it but thought it was something weird my google reader was doing to the feed.

  6. girlsmama :

    Hmmm. Now wouldn’t the coach bag owner be surprised to open her purse and find the contents of the picture in it?