What’s in Your Purse Series: Week Twenty Five

This week’s What’s In Your Purse Series Purse is from my friend Sara Jensen, the genius graphic designer behind Lost Bird Found.  I’ve written about her stuff before, because it’s brilliant.

My favorite thing about this whole thing, about Sara, is that she had tap shoes in her purse.  She {unfortunately} removed them before she took the photo.  Sara’s the best.

tan hobo

what's in her purse

The purse is a “Linda” bag in Marfil (color) from my friend & client Winnie Brumsickle. She started this amazing handbag line, right out of Friday Harbor. We developed her identity together and built her site so that she could share her bags with the world. I’m especially proud having been a part of such a great project. When they are up and really running they plan to donate lots of money back to victims of human trafficking. You can read more about it here.

When I got the bag I thought, “I love this color, should I get this color? Will it work with everything? Will my three year old smear peanut butter on it? Drop his crumbly crackers in it?” The answer is yes. But the longer I have it the more I love it and the better it looks with everything. Its like a part of my person now. Seriously.

I did actually have tap shoes in the bag. I, serious hater of group activities and performing got roped into taking it with some friends. And its totally possible that one of those said friends just caught me doing a shuffle ball change while walking into my office while still on the street. I also might just wear my pajamas as my “tap outfit” but that’s another story.

Whats in my bag?

I often, take photos of my design stuff myself and very often my camera is also in my bag. I just got a new one, a Nikon D3000 which I love. So when I leave my office, on my way to pick up Henry or dinner stuff I grab stuff that I have to add to my portfolio. This is why there are so many cards outside of my wallet and a little scarf that I made for another friend & client…the super charming and over the top awesome chocolatier who has the cutest accent. My husband is well aware that I have a chocolate crush on Daniel of Fine & Raw. His chocolate is insane.

Anyway. Here is a list.

  • My Saltbox wallet. Before I had my son I would buy things more on a whim. Now I research things forever and then buy it. This wallet is perfect. I got it from my friend (& client hah!) Mackenzi. She runs an awesome shop called SITE. You can also see the new card I did for her to the right of the wallet.
  • A stack of business cards I have designed for clients that I just photographed last night. Including my first ever normal sized business card for myself. I keep looking at it and thinking “its so TINY!” and my husband says “its so NORMAL sized.”
  • Pens. Always. Pens. My son is also obsessed with drawing and will only draw with black. Micron 01 pens, Uniball fine point ONYX pens, pencil with an eraser and a sharpener. I think that Henry used up all my paper drawing monsters. I need a new notepad in my bag.
  • My Epipen, I am deathly allergic to bees.
  • Jemma Kidd lip-gloss. I really only wear mascara and tinted moisturizer. Burt’s Bees stick, my friend Rebecca gave it to me this summer at the lake-house. Its like a miracle stick.
  • RayBan prescription glasses. If you see me and I’m inside and I’m wearing my sunglasses. Its not that I think that I’m awesome, its that I forgot and I can’t see without them or my glasses or my contacts.
  • My Volvo car key. The only badass thing about a Volvo is that it key looks kinda like a switch blade. Other than that, I scream nerd.
  • Ladybug and Grasshopper. Henry is really animal and bug crazy. You never know when you might need one of these bugs. Really.
  • The pattern I designed with Daniel based on his already designed logo. He is a scarf dude. We bonded at a holiday market we both worked at. He traded chocolate with me for a scarf. I was honored that he asked me to work on the scarf with him.
  • Two headbands. I am forever wondering, should I grow my bangs out? Okay wait just trim them a tiny bit and a week later I have to pull them back again and ask myself the same questions.
  • That’s a diaper under my wallet.  I am hoping that one day I wont have to carry that around. In fact I will pay anyone 200 bucks if they can’t potty train Henry cause he is not listening to me. Usually I have a baggie of wipes, not today which totally means there will be messy accidents later, its like Murphy’s Mother’s Law or something. If its not one thing, its the other you don’t have.

Thanks Sara!

Who wants to add their purse to the lineup?  You? Yes, please.  Email me two photos {pretty ones please} and a listing of the contents of your purse to: allisonATpetitlefantDOTcom

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  1. Andrea :

    LOVE this one! The insides of her purse look exactly like mine (diaper and plastic bugs). And, I think I’ve finally found the purse I’ve been searching for forever! I love this “Linda”. Perfect for my Christmas list.

    • Petit Elefant :

      Andrea, isn’t it gorgeous? I want one.