What’s in Your Purse Series Week Thirty Four

Are you guys sick of this series yet?  Do you still like seeing what’s in everyone else’s purse all the time?  Let me know, and I’ll change things accordingly.  I still have a healthy lineup of purses, but if you still like it, still want more of it, submit away.

This week’s What’s In Your Purse series purse is from Jen of Organized Design.  I really like these cool flower purses I’m still seeing everywhere, even though I don’t own one myself.

I bought this purse about four months ago from a consignment shop here in Salt Lake City called Emiliejayne. I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I paid $36 for it, and that was probably too cheap! From the contents of the purse I’m not sure you’d think it belongs to an adult, it’s pretty much half my stuff and half my little girls things. So here goes:

purse with flowers

what's in your bag

  • My wallet. Although technically it’s a clutch that I got from Old Navy 8 years ago. It holds all my cards, cash, check book, and coupons. I don’t know what I’ll do when the life is out of it. It has been my all time favorite!
  • Diaper and wipes for my little girly Ainsley
  • Business cards from stores that I had just visited that day
  • There always seems to be naked barbies everywhere, so why not carry a dress to be on the safe side! At least that is what my girly thinks anyways
  • My not so smart phone. I think I’m the only one in the planet that doesn’t have one…yet
  • Ariel and Belle, of course!
  • Hair clip
  • Theatre tickets, that my parents invited us to
  • Receipts, and a coupon to Old Navy
  • My all time favorite pen in the world
  • Car key
  • Lip gloss, chap-stick
  • Gum for me, and pink one for Ainsley
  • And last but not least my design business cards!
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  1. Allison :

    Love this feature! Keep the purses coming. I’m always wondering what other ladies keep in their handbags and if I’m a freak for carrying nine colors of Sharpies and a flashlight in mine.

  2. Tami Warner :

    I love this series. Please keep those purses coming!

  3. Alicia W. :

    I like the purse series, too! I actually really like seeing how everyone organizes their purse content for the photos, as well as what all everyone else carries around with them.

  4. Lizzy L :

    I adore this series!

  5. Alisha :

    I love this, and look forward to it every week, please keep it up!

  6. Shari :

    i very much enjoy this series!!

    I LOVE that purse!

  7. kristiina :

    please–more purses! i LOVE peaking inside everyone’s purse…this series is how i found you in the first place :)