What’s in Your Purse Series: Week Sixteen

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series is from reader Jessica of One Shiny Star.
My Purse: A Saga.
This is my blue Vera Bradly purse that my mother bought me for my birthday aka THE BIGGEST PURSE EVER. It may look small and unassuming, but it’s not.
vera bradley purse
Inside it you will find the following (Starting top left):
  1. NEW & IMPROVED animal crackers from a recent stay and a Hampton Inn.
  2. My old iPodicus that is cracked and not as fancy as my husband’s new one.
  3. A “Jessica bracelet” from the Terra Cota warrior display in Washington DC.
  4. Mini hair claw and clip.
  5. Tampons. Sorry. Maybe I look like a nice person, but ladies in bathrooms ask me for tampons a lot. Weird.
  6. Orange Vera Bradly glasses case. Gift from my grandmother.
  7. My daily planner.
  8. My pencil case.

    Chaaaaa ching! type writer style, back to the left

  9. My wallet/keys. Includes $4, a debit card, military ID, Driver’s lisence and 2 coupons
  10. Hotel key holder that actually has my brand new earings that broke. Boo.
  11. Piece of paper with comparative estimates for getting my car fixed. Another Boo.
  12. Checkbook. I take it on long trips.
  13. Phone charger, big pink wallet

    Chaaaa ching!

  14. Receipts, movie stubs, tootsie roll wrappers, gum wrappers, trash.
  15. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. Dancing Waters.
  16. Deoderant Spray. Some times I ride my bike three miles to go to class. It’s a requirment.
  17. ONE battery. useless.
  18. Altoid tin that hides my drugs. It really has tylanol in it. Or maybe that’s the mint tin in my backpack that has drugs. Hmmm….
  19. Empty gum package.
  20. Best sunglasses ever.
  21. Stray pen.
  22. three toothpicks.
  23. $10 in quaters (for parking – I’m a pro and parallel parking).
  24. Burt’s bees chapstick… hmm… minty.
  25. Palm Pixi plus.
  26. Giant pink wallet that can eat your wallet for dinner. I keep all of my other cards (library, insurance, student ID, business cards, random $2 bill, ect.) in this one, and just grab the small one for quick errands.

    Also, not pictured above:


  27. My camera that I used to take this picture. It’s just a Canon Powershots.
  28. The netbook. It weighs 3 pounds.
And that, dear friends, is a lot. This purse, when fully decked out like it was for my road trip to Mississippi, weighs 8 pounds. If only taking it off would put me down a dress size!
Thanks Jessica for sharing!  If you want to play “what’s in your purse” email me.  Send me two photos of your purse along with a list of its contents to: allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom and I’ll get you in the lineup.
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  1. Marisa :

    Funny, funny, FUNNY. Chaaa ching!

  2. Katrina Babic :

    Cute Purse, but lets get to the real issue at hand. Your site? what is up? it. is.. so… s.l.o.w…. {just sayin} I need my blog fix and you are on the top of the list :)

  3. Jessica @ One Shiny Star :

    What a nice surprise for this to pop-up in my feed reader! I was like “Hmm… I recognize that purse!” Completely made my day, thanks!