What’s in your purse series week fifty four

This week’s What’s In Your Purse Series purse is from Juliana.  Thanks!

— P.S. you guys, I need more purses.  If you love this series and want more of it, submit your purse.  I only have a couple purses left in the lineup, I’m totally dried up in my stash.  It’s time to get a move on.  If you want to submit your purse to the series take two photos of your purse {nice, clean non-blurry ones} one of the outside, one of the inside, along with a listing of the contents to allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom.

grey leather purse

what's in your purse series

  • A pile of lists. I make hundreds of lists throughout the day, even lists reminding me of what lists to make. And then loose them all.
  • The annoying sticker the oil change men always put on my windshield.
  • My beloved wallet. It is much too big for my style, but it has my nickname on it! Pure coincidence, as that was the name of the shop I got it from, but people are always asking me how I engraved my name on my wallet…
  • Sunglasses. I have four more pair flung throughout my car.
  • Ipod Touch and cell phone. One day I’ll be fancy and have a smart phone. But that day will be after my daddy realizes I am still on his cell phone plan (and I’m sure not telling him!)
  • Notebook for the multitudes of list I write. I thought it would help condense them. It didn’t.
  • Pen
  • Sample of hair accessories I am deciding on (are they cute enough to be added to my Etsy shop? They need a bit more work…)
  • Mints. One never knows when an optimal kissing moment may occur.
  • Lip stuff. See number 9.
  • Hair thing and tweezers. Not so sure why I have the tweezers.
  • Olive Garden candy. I ate it already.
  • Coin purse. Without any coins in it.
  • Coins. Not in coin purse.
  • Keys. House key, car key and hand sanitizer that smells like a peppermint patty.
  • (Not pictured). Mass amounts of crumbs.


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  1. Ani Reina :

    I love how she has mass amounts of crumbs. I somehow do to. This happens so often that I started to question if I continuously eat over my open purse.

  2. Shea :

    I also get crumbs everywhere in my purse, even though it’s brand new and I haven’t had any food near it. It’s a mystery.
    I’m thinking I should submit mine, just for the heck of it.

  3. Katrina :

    Coins should be in coin purse, Olive garden Candy should be in your belly, but most important, crafts of any kind should be on Etsy! Cease the day :)
    Thanks for sharing!