Whats in your purse series week 79

This week’s What’s in Your Purse Series purse is from Jennie.  Thank you!

If you love this series and want more of it, submit your purse. Take two photos of your purse {NICE, CLEAR, NOT-BLURRY ONES} one of the outside, one of the inside, along with a listing of the contents to:

allison AT petitelefant DOT com

what's in your purse series

My bag is a waxed canvas and leather tote by LAMB.

what's in your purse series week 79


  • blue studded wallet
  • camera in black and white case
  • camera charger
  • three coke tops
  • address stamp
  • 2 Clinique lipsticks
  • Clinique lip-gloss
  • Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm
  • a travel vial of Advil, all of which are usually stored in the gold leather “Argent” bag directly below
  • 3 Listerine strip containers
  • iPhone
  • work badge (flipped upside down for security)
  • elastic headband
  • 3 pairs of sunglasses (why!?!?!)
  • Chococat checkbook
  • notepad with Ninja Turtle sticker
  • 2 pieces of ribbon
  • 2 safety pins
  • iPod shuffle charger
  • thank you notes
  • pen
  • toothpick in plastic
  • 2 titanium sporks and a steel fork
  • pills
  • handful of receipts
  • gift cards
  • movie tickets
  • pill bottle holding earplugs
  • keys
  • owl necklace
  • bobby pins
  • carribeaner clip
  • dental floss
  • iPod shuffle
  • orange USB drive and loyalty cards on key-chain
  • raspberry tootsie pop
  • Origins lip repair
  • another pen
  • 3 reusable shopping bags
  • Clinique powder
  • little blue card holder
  • mint from Jason’s Deli
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  1. Erin @ Brownie Bites :

    I love these posts. I think I’m finally going to photograph the crazy insides of my own bag and send one in!

    • Allison :

      Please do Erin, I’d love it!

  2. Sarah :

    2 titanium sporks and a steel fork, well of course.

  3. Anne :

    Wow, this is like Hermione’s purse!

  4. Genevieve :

    Dear Jennie
    Your bag basically denotes that you have great style/taste in handbags and the contents say that you are a super awesome person that would be fun to hang out with!! Thanks for sharing it…I was wondering-do you have any hints as to how I can get my hands on a LAMB wax tote for myself? Do you know if it’s from a past or current season? Sorry to bother you but I LOVE your bag and i’ve been looking for a LAMB bag that I like the style of AND is big enough to haul my belongings….i’m sure you can relate! send me an email if you can offer any help in how I might find one

  5. brandie :

    Hello, I love the little animal key covers that you have on your key ring. Do you mind sharing where you got those?