what you should be buying at the $1 store part III

This is the last in the What You Should be Buying at the Dollar Store.  Here’s part one of What You Should be Buying at the Dollar Store in case you missed it.

There are all kinds of things you should be buying at the $1 store, and this post is all about sundries you should buy for your home.

dollar store candles dollar store gifts

Household supplies to buy at the $1 store:

  • Epsom salts
  • foam curlers
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • shaving cream
  • bath bubbles
  • books {seriously! I’ve gotten some amazing books at the $1 store}
  • coloring books
  • fake flowers
  • Christmas ornaments
  • paper plates
  • decorative napkins
  • birthday candles
  • grosgrain ribbon
  • craft supplies
  • baby powder
  • name brand floss
  • hand soap
  • teen deodorant
  • mouthwash
  • hand sanitizer
  • wax for braces
  • wrapping paper
  • gift bags
  • band-aids
  • pregnancy tests
  • bows for little girls
  • wax for braces
  • kids night lights
  • liquid allergy medicine
  • aspirin

What else do you buy at the dollar store?  Once in a while I find something completely awesome that seems like it shouldn’t be there.  One of my readers found some M.A.C. makeup in the beauty section of the dollar store. and I can never seem to leave without spending at least $20.

Who’s found something awesome lately?



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  1. Jennifer :

    I just started reading your blog and i LOVE it!! :0)

    I go to the dollar store a lot! I like to get organizing baskets and stuff for kid’s crafts. There are so many hidden treasures in the dollar store!

  2. Shea :

    So pretty much, buy EVERYTHING at the Dollar Store.
    It’s amazing.

  3. Maria :

    I love going to the dollar store. So many fun finds! Great list-thanks!

  4. McKelle :

    I agree with the pregnancy tests. I’ve had 3 babies and have only used dollar store pregnancy tests. Why spend all that money when you only need to pay $1. …and at $1 you can afford to buy a few just to make sure.

  5. Heather :

    My friends and I loveingly call it “The million dollar store”. It is tricky to leave w/ out spending A LOT!! I buy LOTS at the dollar store and I am mosly happy w/ what I get!! I love the sponge rollars for painting. Nail polish. Cough drops! NOTE: I tired the knock off “Ped Egg”…peice of junk!! FYI!!

    • Anne :

      Haha, I used the knockoff ped-egg, too. Not good.

  6. Libby :

    So I religiously use cloth grocery/shopping bags…but I’ve got a guilty little secret.

    I’m addicted to the little scented diaper baggies that the $1 store sells. Wonderful to have in the diaper bag in case of a twosie from the babe, especially when there isn’t a trash can in site!!

  7. katrina :

    Do you seriously use those foam rollers?! I want a picture of that! :D

  8. Stephanie :

    So jealous that you found that R.E.M. book at the dollar store! But seriously, I ALWAYS check out the books at the dollar store — even if I’m not interested in reading them, I can sell them to the used book store around here and get some decent store credit since dollar store books are in great condition.

    More awesome dollar store finds: Halloween decorations! I seriously get excited every year for the Halloween goods to arrive at the Dollar Tree, and I am never disappointed. Pick up your Halloween candy there too!

  9. Jennie :

    As for something awesome, I recently found some Almay eyemakeup-the kind that Kate Hudson hawked for a long time, that is made for *your* eye shade. I’m guessing it was $8 in it’s pre-DT life. Nothing huge, but I was stoked!

  10. Kristen :

    I need to spend more time at the dollar store, obviously. I wish you lived close to me. I need you as my life guru. Are you for hire?

  11. Trysha :

    I love the seasonal decorations. I still have some $1 stuff that held up from last year.

    I like the storage containers. I found two good sized containers with twist-lids (a must in our house) that are perfect for cookies…plus I don’t feel bad if they don’t get returned.

    I get big rolls of brown craft/mailing paper. We used them all summer to make landscapes for cars, legos, pirates…you name it.

    I went back to find more MAC eyeliner and none yet, but I’m watching for it like a hawk!

  12. Evey :

    Yes i love to get their version of Mucinex…which is amazing and so cheap (this stuff is so expensive)! I stocked up for the winter. I also found ribbon, tissue paper, napkins, and decorative birds which i later used eye shadow and glitter for last year’s christmas.