what you should be buying at the $1 store part II

Last week I shared with you What You Should Be Buying at the $1 Store Part I, which was all about crafts and crafting supplies.  Today’s post is all about dollar store beauty.  Alternately titled:

Gettin’ purdy on the cheap.

You had to know it had to happen at some point, right?

nail polish
rubber bands inexpensive make-up eyelash glue

Beauty supplies to buy at the $1 store:

  • rubber hair elastics
  • bobby-pins
  • headbands
  • toddler barrettes
  • packages of combs
  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover
  • makeup {if it’s a trusted brand like L’Oreal, LA Colors, N.Y.C., Maybelline}
  • eyeshadow {see above about brands}
  • cotton balls
  • eyeliner {see the note on eyeshadow}
  • lipstick {look for expiration date and brand}
  • lip-gloss
  • fake eyelashes {these would only last for one application}
  • eyelash adhesive
  • eyelash curler {again, watch for quality}
  • foam curlers for little girls
  • hairspray
  • hair gel
  • mousse
  • shampoo and conditioner {I’ve purchased really expensive shampoo at the dollar store from time to time.  Like $20 bottles of shampoo for $1}
  • baby powder
  • baby oil
  • nail buffer
  • package of emery boards
  • cosmetic wedges

Have I missed anything?  What’s on your list of beauty supplies at the Dollar Store?  Have you ever bought good makeup at the dollar store?  I totally have.

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  1. RachelSD :

    Good list! I agree with most of this, except for the nail polish. I read that OPI has one of the highest levels of toxins of all polishes. So does acetone nail polish remover. Just be careful what you bring home (from any store) to make sure it’s safe for you and your family.

    Having said that- I totally raided a dollar store to help prepare for my sister’s baby shower. Gotta love $1 balloons and $1 tablecloths.

    • Allison :

      Thanks for the comment Rachel. You’ve gotta love the $1 store.

  2. Shea :

    Does it make me weird that Dollar Tree is the first place I hit up for beauty supplies?
    Heck. It’s a dollar. So worth it to me.

    • Allison :

      It’s not weird at all. Not one bit. It’s the easiest/cheapest way to try out new products! I love it.

  3. Trysha :

    I found MAC eyeliner! MAC!! for $1!!!

    • Allison :

      Shut. Your. Mouth.

      I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

      • Anne :

        Finding expensive things like this at the dollar store has never happened to me. When I’m there all I see are knockoff shampoos. I’ll have to go one time *without kids* so I can actually look harder.

  4. Rain :

    I just bought some really cute nail clippers at the dollar store. And they work so well. Even better than great, because the previous week I forked over 2.97 at Walmart for a pair, because we had a “hang nail emergency”, (read: weeping, inconsolable 8 year old that wouldn’t let me close without the proper tools), while we were trying to get some quick groceries. And, they were awful. And ugly.

  5. Kelsey :

    I always forget that the Dollar Store exists. But I could be saving SO. MUCH. MONEY. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kristen :

    We don’t have a good dollar store near us, but it may be worth the trip. Can you really get Opi nail polish there? I had no idea!

  7. christina :

    opi nailpolish that is crazy! I buy spray sunscreen there – I think the brand is coppertone or something like that I buy it all up when I find it because I use it everyday when I am out in the sun like at the park or the zoo with my girls.

    They have some brands of lotion that are pretty good too – oh and body poufs and loofas.

  8. Sarah :

    -makeup remover wipes

    The dollar store is right nexy door to my drugstore, so it makes it so much easier to compare prices. The off-brand makeup remover wipes and pumice at the drug store were twice as much than at family dollar.