what to wear to Alt Summit.

I’m speaking at the awesome Alt Summit design conference in Salt Lake City next week {I know, I KNOW!} and I’ve been thinking about what to wear.

Of course I have, that’s how I roll. There are a couple of factors involved with the conference weekend wardrobe: it’s cold in Salt Lake City, and it’s cold in Salt Lake City.

The first part of the conference involves a party in the Grand America Hotel ballroom where we’ll be warm and toasty, and the second part involves traipsing around the valley for Sundance Film Festival after parties.

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

For Thursday night {indoor party}:

For gallivanting around the cold Utah streets at night:

With one of these layered on top:

And for one last layer of protection; scarves, hats, earmuffs, & gloves:

The boots are mission critical, but they must be flat boots or there will be much skidding and falling on icy streets, which I imagine to be totally uncool with the A-List Sundance crowd.


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  1. Camille :

    Don't ask for any advice from me – but I will say that you could pull off any outfit! (not literally) Good luck! You'll be awesome!

  2. Cammee :

    So cute. Love the $89.50 coat, of course. FYI, they have tights in teal on sale at Gap right now for $3.99. Have fun!

  3. likeschocolate :

    Great choices. I love the grey coat!

  4. Emily :

    I love the gray coat as well, but I'm partial to gray. Also adore your Thursday-night outfit. Can I borrow it for my next fancy night out? Oh wait, I never go anywhere fancy. Never mind.

  5. Marianne & Clayton :

    Ooh, I am going to go track down that skirt right now. Hope it's still for sale. But you! We were talking about you…

    Love the Delia's bomber with the teal scarf. Careful with your head-wear if it needs to be taken on and off. I adore the white cap with ear flaps, but it would make me look like the girl from the Breakfast Club when taken off. Not Claire.

  6. Azúcar :

    Great ideas, Allison.

    Tres chic since we all know the Sundance crowd is heavy into black clothing. Love the idea of standing out from the crowd with a little turquoise. Rock on.

  7. Kelly :

    thanks for the ideas! i've got to figure out my wardrobe as well and have zero time – this is a great headstart!


  8. Donna :

    I love that white coat from Delia's. Too bad it's so unchild friendly. You'll have so much fun! If you need someone to drive you home after all those parties, call me…

  9. ellie of mint :

    haha, awesome! ok, now what about the during the day!

  10. TM_Erin :

    I didn't see anything from REI on this list. Does this mean you'll ignore me while I ROCK my fleece and Keens? I don't want to be bringin' down you image as a fashionista, so feel free to tweet your hello. ;)

  11. erin :

    I say go with the white 89.00 coat and for a pop of color the turquoise scarf. Have fun, that would be a blast. You will look so trey chic no matter what you go with. Can't wait to see pictures.

  12. sania :

    That blue scarf from Delia's is so, so, cute. I'll be going to ALT as well! Can't wait to hear you speak!

  13. NestBliss :

    These are awesome! Really great job – thanks for sharing! I don't go to forever21 enough. Yeah I have a great wool coat from H & M and end up wearing it all the time over my other coats my vote is for that one – if there is a vote!
    p.s. Good luck!

  14. Jill :

    have a great time gallivanting you little rockstar! love the fashion finds…you'll have to check out my latest, i have a feeling you'll approve!

  15. Miranda :

    My thoughts? My thoughts are that I'm so freakin' impressed that you're speaking at Alt! Good job you. Also, the next time I come to Utah I'm inviting myself over to your house for some fashion consulting. And I love the turquoise scarf. Like, really.

  16. Kami :

    You are going to rock it! I love the pop of color!

  17. Erin :

    I so wish that I was as cool as you. What kills me is that I would never wear any of that, but if I met you on the street wearing it, I would think you were so fashionable! For coats, I LOVE the white peacoat.

  18. amy smart :

    Man, I am excited for you!

  19. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    I don't know about me in teal tights, but I do love that Old Navy jacket sweater!

    And Forever 21 has skinny jeans for $14?!! I gotta go get some!

    And maybe if I wear heel boots and trip, some hot celeb will be there to catch me! (Sorry, Jor, it's Sundance weekend!)

  20. Sarah :

    I need your closet

  21. Joslyn :

    oooh it looks like you and I are following the same formula…
    i might try some tall boots on saturday but with plenty of tred on bottom…we'll see!

    looking forward to meeting you ;-)

  22. Jen.Jensen :

    I just love the boots pictured!