what to wear to a barbecue.

A few weeks ago after the really fun 4th of July parade, I walked down the street to where Justin Hackworth was hosting his 30 Strangers open house.  I wanted to show my sister my 30 Strangers portrait, and I got to see Justin {which is always a bonus} and his wife Amy.  She’s my favorite.  Bubbly, adorable, kind, wonderful.  Anyway, she was wearing what was perhaps the most perfect summer outfit of all time.

what to wear to a bbq

Isn’t Amy darling?  This outfit is perfect for a summer parade that transitions into a barbecue, as they are wont to do.

floral converse shoes

Worn, lived in converse.  With flowers no less.

summer hats

And isn’t that summer hat to die for?

I’m telling you, top to bottom Amy was wearing the perfect summer outfit, one I plan to wear to a barbecue in the next few weeks.

What do you wear to a barbecue?  As little as possible?  Flip flops and a maxi dress?

P.S. Justin just took some bridal shots of my little sister.  Aren’t they outstanding?

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  1. Amy :

    Allison, you are sweet. I am flattered. You’re my favorite, too, especially since you’re validating my fashion sense. Thank you very much. Can you hear the guffaw coming out of my mouth in that top photo? I mean really.

    • Allison :

      I knew you wouldn’t be thrilled with the photo, but I love how it captures what a great person you are!

      Seriously, I love these photos of you!


  2. Mary Ann :

    For some reason, when your blog made the switch a couple months back, it didn’t translate to my “following” and I’ve thought you’ve been MIA for the past two months! I finally decided to just go to your blog and see if you’d posted anything only to find YOU’VE BEEN POSTING FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS WITHOUT MY KNOWING! So frustrating. I have things sorted out and now I have a ton to catch up on! :o)

  3. Stephanie :

    I love Amy too. She is D-arling.