What To Watch On Netflix This Month

It’s the Neflix binge-watch recommendation time of the month, are you ready?  Oh boy, do I have a good one for you.  I had the unfortunate luck last week to get waylaid by a terrible flu, but the good news is I had plenty of time in bed to binge on a new Netflix show.  Since I was down and out for the count, I took the advice of my husband and watched Hell On Wheels.  My husband and a couple of his co-workers have been trying to push AMC’s Hell on Wheels on me for months, but it just looked a little too, I don’t know?  Dude-centric?  But if you’re in the same boat let me just go ahead and give you this recommendation:

I started the show 72-hours ago and I’m already on season 3.  SEASON 3 guys, in 3 days.


What To Watch On Netflix

The show is set in the time period right after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, as the American transcontinental railroad starts heading West in a race to meet up with the Union Pacific.  And I don’t know, I guess it just isn’t something I’ve thought a whole lot about, even though I live in Utah, home of the Golden Spike Monument, where the Union and Central Pacific railroads meet.

anson mount hell on wheels

The history of the show is bananas.  It’s really good historical fiction, with all the accompanying protagonists and villains and whores and politicians.  And Native Americans!  You guys.  It’s so good.  If you need another reason to watch, besides the fantastic storytelling and (nearly) unbelievable history, look no further than the protagonist, Cullen Bohannen, played by Anson Mount.  He’s such a great cowboy / bad boy / hero / ex-confederate soldier, and you’ll want so badly for him to get out of his own way but delight while you watch him badass his way through the American West.

So, there you go.  If you need a little something to get you through the upcoming grey days of November and December, look no further than Hell On Wheels.  You won’t regret it.

If you’re looking for other recommendations, here’s what else I love on Netflix:


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