What I wore Wednesday nautical

I’ve never done a What I wore Wednesday, but I’ve thought about it for awhile.  Usually what I wore on Wednesday isn’t super fancy, just jeans and a tee, but I was fancy yesterday.  I had to run errands so I got dressed.  Here’s what I wore.

nautical tee

My new favorite Nautical tee from Costco.  Love.

White House Black Market Skinny Jeans.  They fit like a glove.

Boots from Target.  I’ve gotten MILES out of those babies.

Belt: Thrifted from D.I.

Turquoise ring: Forever 21

Yellow bead necklace: DownEast Basics


Should we start a What I/You Wore Wednesday Series?  What say you?

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  1. suzieqw :

    This is super fun, you should keep it up.

  2. robyn :

    yes. please. i love to see what the fashionable people wear.

  3. Juleen Kenney :

    Absolutely! I LOVE WIWW! I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do it for a while, so lets go for it!

  4. katrina :

    Absolutely! :)
    Also, don’t you just love Forever 21 jewelry?! Tons of cute stuff for 7$ and under…

  5. Andrea Jay :

    Yes please.

  6. Qui :

    i like the post! gimme more!
    and cute top :)

  7. Marisa :

    Yes! I’m game. I need to practice with my self-portraits, and step up my wardrobe choices. :)

  8. Melissa :

    Love that top, it looks AHMAZING on you!

    Love the yellow necklace. We’re necklace twinners. ;) I say go for it! I’d love to see more of your outfits!

  9. Mariah :

    If you do, I think you can post, on Wednesday, anything that you wore throughout the week… just to get a better chance of being dressy at some point. :)

  10. The Mommy Therapy :

    Love it! I love seeing what other people are wearing and it’s fascinating to hear where everything came from, how it came together, etc.

    You would love http://www.noondaycollection.com

    Your yellow beads reminded me of stuff from that site!

  11. Pennie :

    Yes! this is fun :)

  12. Vernalie :

    Fun idea – can I just say that your haircut is really cute! It really is!

  13. Nicole Feliciano :

    Oh, I love looking into other moms’ closets. I’m going to have to start this series too (imitation…flattery…blah..bla..bla)

  14. jenB :

    YES PLEASE! All caps because I am shouting :-)

  15. My Traveling Troop :

    I love your outfit, especially how you added a pop of color with the necklace. So, I might just have to go shopping and copy. Hope you don’t mind! :)