Wedding report:

Victor here reporting to you on behalf/behest of Allison.  Allison is in Los Angeles right now with P at an event that I am sure she will be writing about soon.  In fact, in sure that she’s Tweeting about it @petit_elefant.  When she comes back, she’ll go straight to the Alt Summit where she’s speaking/presenting/mingling and selling this year’s Social Luxe Lounge event.  Anyways….

We spent the last few days about 50 miles from home getting ready and helping celebrate the wedding of spouse #3.  Spouse No. 3 has been around since 1995 when all three of us showed up in the same little Idaho town to attend college.  Allison came from Utah, Arlo came from Timmins, Ontario Canada, and I came from the greater Los Angeles area.  In fact, Allison has known Arlo longer than I had and she had a little thing for him; maybe it was just the fact that he was from a foreign land and from two time zones away that he had going for him, but when I swooped in from a foreign land that was 8 time zones away, well, maybe that’s what swung the pendulum my way.  Allison never looked back.

Czarnecki and McGinn family

Czarnecki with newlyweds

So here we were for the last 13 years that we have been married and the last 15 or so years that we have been together; Arlo was always there.  Trips, births, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, Arlo has always been there.  Each and every time one of us picked up a new hobby or sport, inevitably the other one would be soon to follow or we’d jump in together.  Here are some of the things that we did together:

  • Rock climbing; Sport, traditional.
  • Mountain biking
  • Road biking
  • Kayaks, river running (Eskimo Rolls)
  • Our own little tw0-man book club
  • Skiing: Telemark
  • Snowboarding
  • Motorcycles:  There’s a really awesome story there.
  • Share car registrations
  • etc, etc.

Now there are some shadows  that I did not follow Arlo into.  you see, Arlo is now getting ready to finish a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology and he has been working toward this degree for the last five years.  For those who don’t know or realize, Pharm D. is one of the most difficult Doctorate programs out there.  When I was younger I had a friend’s older sister finish her Pharm D. at UCLA and even then I remember realizing what a tough program this really is.  What Arlo is doing  is really tough and having come out of a small mining town in norther Canada he has a drive within him that I have not seen in anyone else.  Once he sets his mind on something it’s ‘Damn the torpedoes; Full speed ahead!’  Now the good news about having a friend in a graduate science program is access to a lab.  The children have access to equipment and knowledge way beyond the ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ basics that I can do with them at home without the fear of the bomb squad showing up and me getting dragged away.

P. preparing a slide for microscope study.

P. preparing a slide for microscope study.

C. analyzing slide sample

C. analyzing slide sample

So there were very seldom times when somehow, one way or another Arlo wasn’t involved in our lives somehow; even in during those awkward moments in each couples’ lives that are mean to be shared just between Spouse No. 1 and Spouse No. 2, Spouse No. 3 was there.

Allison in downtown SLC

Allison tearn' it up in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

So here we are with great hopes and aspirations that we’re not loosing Spouse No. 3, but gaining Spouse No. 4.  At least I am.

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