We are art what are you?

Art dot com has just launched a new website, and in celebration, a few weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to attend the coolest kind of summit possible, the kind with smart people and amazing art and stunning scenery.  I went to San Francisco, home base for Art.com, as one of the Art.Com 25 bloggers working with Art.com this year to share a little behind the scenes of the redesign of Art.com which is based in San Francisco.

Here’s the reveal of the new Art.com:

we are art what are you?

I don’t know if you remember the old Art.com but this one is all spiffed up for a hot Saturday night date with a college boy.  This one is 21st century sleek with a side of dazzle.  Clean and sexy and easy to navigate.

The new site is so easy to explore curated art collections, and even easier to start galleries of your own.  I’ve already spent an embarrassing amount of time curating pieces for my personal galleries, and I’m only getting started.

we are art what are you?

I’m so in love with this site, and I’m CRAZY impressed by Art.com.  Hopefully I can convey how much brilliance and heart went into the design in order to make the world’s largest collection of art more available for us all to adore.

A few things I didn’t used to know about Art.com but do now:

  • They have the largest collection of (handpicked) art in the world.  Whoa.
  • The site has original content from talented designers, artists, and taste makers with unique backgrounds from all around the world.
  • Art.com has built in social media sharing tools and two amazing free apps: artMatch, which is basically Shazam for art (it matches pieces of art with the inventory on art.com) and art circles for the iPad, a breathtaking app that helps you navigate through art collections based on color, theme, or curated galleries.  It’s phenomenal.  Stunning.
  • The art you’ll find on the site is actual art, not posters of art.  You can find one of a kind pieces, all of which are individually framed by hand by craftsman in Ohio.
  • It’s totally possible to buy affordable art.  Really.  And if you’re interested in original and one of a kind pieces you can snatch some up for a sweet deal from newer artists on Artist RisingSuper rad.
we are art what are you

My excitement about being one of the Art.com 25 shot off the scales when I was asked to select a piece of art from the website, choose a frame, and write up a little something about how the piece made me feel.  I took the task very seriously, selecting around 300 pieces over the course of a few days, eventually whittling down the candidates until I found one I couldn’t live without.  I chose Red House, by Kasimir Malevich and this is what I said about it:

“When I look at art I want to have a visceral reaction.  If I look at art, whether it’s a Kindergarten drawing or an original Picasso I want to feel it in my gut, I want to feel emotional, transported in some way.  When I look at Red House, I feel the wind in my hair, I hear the sea beyond the house.”

I can’t wait to start hearing about the art in your life, you know, the good stuff that makes your hair blow back.

— Here you go FTC: I’m part of the Art.com 25, a sponsored program by Art.com. All editorial content always has and always will reflect my own personal opinions and stories. —

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  1. moosh in indy. :

    One of my most favorite things about being a grownup is buying art for my home. The stuff that I get to stare at day in and day out and pat myself on the back for choosing so well.

    • Allison :

      YES. Yes. I have a piece by my bed I look at going to sleep and wake up to in the morning, and it’s my favorite thing in the world.

  2. Qui :

    that’s awesome Allison, I love the painting you chose. When you first showed us the painting, I checked out art.com and spent a little too much time browsing and making a gallery of my favorites. Their website is awesome! thank you for sharing it. I also enjoy the emotions that a great piece of art can stir up with just one look. I think I’ll go browse my gallery now… ;)

    • Allison :

      Thank you Qui! Isn’t it impossible to just go and “browse”? Seriously, I’m losing major time in my life dreaming of art.