We’re here! We’re finally in Warsaw.

jet plane

Air France was exactly what I thought it would be.  Since we were in steerage {read: not the business class seats I was longingly gazing at on our way to the back of the plane}, it was a pretty long flight.


Poor little Charming was so wiped out he fell asleep before we even took off in New York City.


I tried to sleep but couldn’t.  There were new release movies two inches from my face! How’s one to sleep in a situation like that?  Plus, the stewardesses were handing out mini cans of sparkling water with lemons.

I was beside myself with happy.


Once we got settled in to Warsaw though {read: we slept the whole first day and Charming was up all night} we hit the city.

My children have never walked so much in their lives, and I may have been made fun of by a Varsovian or twenty about my white New Balance running shoes, but my feet don’t hurt today.

old town

Warsaw is simply stunning.  Seriously, it’s exactly what I pictured it to be and more.

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  1. Arianne :

    Yay! You made it! So excited for you. We’re celebrating 13 this yr too. Not exactly in the same place, but you know. ;-)

    Wishing you healthy feet and happy souls while there. Can’t wait to hear all about it babe!


  2. Christie :

    Ahhhh! Seeing those amazing buildings makes me want to go back so badly!! Enjoy your time and breathe in every moment!

  3. the emily :

    I flew to France two weeks ago, my first transatlantic flight. I was sitting by my sisters. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, they were both sound asleep. They slept for SIX HOURS. I tossed and turned and tried to get comfortable but it was not happening. turns out they had both taken an Ambien and didn’t think to share with me! It was the longest day of my life. Literally. Left Albuquerque at noon on a Monday, got to Paris the next day at 11 am. UGH. But at least they showed an edited “King’s Speech” for me.

  4. Kami :

    You made it! Have a great time!

  5. katrina :

    soo very happy for you! I too went on a plane recently.. you guessed it! Disney was grand just like you said!

  6. Jane Maynard :

    I remember walking around Paris with my sneakers, hating every second of wearing SNEAKERS in PARIS. but it was worth it for SURE.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!