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Do you remember the post I shared with you a couple weeks ago with a title like that of a Dr. Seuss book: Amazing Women Are Absolutely Everywhere?  I was pretty touched by those of you who reached out in comments, emails, and on Instagram about how inspired you were by the SCA all-girl sailing team and their journey across the globe.  In fact my 15-year-old daughter read the post and asked, “How can I get involved?  I want to do this! Who are these women and how can I be one of them?”.

If you’re involved with young girls of any kind you’ll understand why that reaction from my own girl was so powerful.  To my teenage daughter the strong, smart, empowered women comprising the SCA sailing team are way better than any rock star or celebrity, and for that I’m eternally grateful.  What better role models can a mother ask for than strong women unapologetically pursuing difficult, but fulfilling passions?

My daughter isn’t the only one who looks up to smart women.  I’m constantly in awe of the women in my life who light it up in political arenas, boardrooms, school PTA’s, churches, and as volunteers in their communities on top of their already busy lives of caring for children, parents, family and friends.


empowered women

I’d like to share with you one of those smart, powerful women, one of my dearest friends Chrysula Winegar.  Chrysula is brilliant.  Period.  She could work anywhere in the world, in whatever capacity she wanted as a digital communications expert, making gabillions of dollars doing so.  Instead Chrysula started her own digital communications agency, Wake Up World Communications which specializes in social action campaigns to bring awareness to global causes.

What the huh?  The shorthand version is this: Chrysula tirelessly campaigns for those who can’t campaign for themselves.  She spends her entire life raising awareness of issues like unacceptable infant mortality rates that can be easily resolved with inexpensive vaccines, child slavery, rising global health issues, and the need for women’s leadership in every arena in the world.

Basically, Chrysula is my rock star.  If it weren’t creepy to do so, I’d have a life sized poster of her in my closet, just to remind me what one woman can do to change the world around her.

I’m sort of kidding.  But not really.

Chrysula stands as a beacon of light to me in a difficult world.  She’s a touchstone for me, a regular reminder that even as a busy mother (Chrysula has four young children), an active member in the same church I belong to, one that involves long hours of volunteering in her community on top of church attendance (we’re both Mormons), there is still so much that can be accomplished by one woman.  Add that all up and the world is a pretty great place to be.

In fact, I’m really grateful to be able to tell Chrysula how much her example as an amazing woman means to me.  It’s really hard sometimes raising strong, smart, empowered, happy young women but if my girl grows up to be anything like my friend, everything will be okay.

I uploaded a photo of Chrysula to the mosaic of strong, capable, life-changing women on the SCA team homepage, and I would LOVE it if you did the same with a woman who inspires you.  It’s pretty cool to go look at the photos of all the women changing the world. To feel uplifted by their stories, to know you do make a difference one family, school, office, church, and community at a time.

Go upload a photo and leave a comment here telling me the name of the person whose photo you’ve shared, and why.  Please!  I really want to see them in the mosaic.  Then go tell a woman who inspires you just what she means to you, and why.  She needs to know she has champions behind her in her fight.

Girl power.  *fist bump*

SCA believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest, and we are committed to creating value for people and nature. To champion these ideals, SCA launches Amazing Women Everywhere, to celebrate women who have a positive impact on others.

The women of SCA’s all-female racing team, Team SCA, exemplify this spirit. They have come from all walks of life and backgrounds to take on one of the world’s most challenging endeavors, the Volvo Ocean Race. For nine months, their journey of hard work and determination will inspire millions around the world. Follow along with Team SCA on Facebook!

We aim to gather thousands of stories from all over the world and inspire thousands more by illustrating that amazing women truly are everywhere. Visit http://www.teamsca.com/awemosaic to submit a photo of an amazing woman in your life.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SCA. The opinions and text are all mine.

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