vampire diaries vs. sixteen candles.

I won’t get too pop-culture-ey on you but I’ll flat-out admit the fact that I’m watching the melodramatic, high school drama The Vampire Diaries on the CW {thanks a lot Erin}.

And would you like to know what occurred to me as I was watching last week’s episode on Hulu?

The love interest/boyfriend/Edward wannabe Stefan? He looks startlingly like Jake Ryan aka Michael Schoeffling. You know, the love interest from the classic John Hughes 80’s movie Sixteen Candles.

Then again, I did spend a fairly large portion of my afternoon yesterday reading a tribute to the late John Hughes while sitting under a dryer, making my hair turn an unnatural shade of blonde. And I shed a little tear for my youth.

What do you think? Did all the dye go to my head?

{images here and here}.

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  1. jen :

    i see the same classic look in both but being a girl who used to rewind and rewind and rewind the part where jake ryan was waiting by the car waiting for her to come down the church stairs and …ok you know the movie — jake still tops the list as the cutest ever!!!! i swore i'd name a son jake and a daughter ryan someday – makes me want to watch that move again (and again and again)
    remember the squeaky heels the little lady wore in the church – why was that part even memorable? oh to be young again!

  2. Petit Elefant :


    Just thinking about that movie makes me happy! And the best part about all the John Hughes movies? Those soundtracks!

  3. likeschocolate :

    I was so in love with that guy from sixteen candles.

  4. KJ :

    oh that jake ryan. mmm hmmm. no half-dead issues, either.

  5. Petit Elefant :


    I know! Stefan is a little hotter though.


    Come on, if he's not complicated that loses half the fun!

  6. The Breeders Digest :

    What a coincidence….on Sunday Showtime aired "Sixteen Candles" and I watched the entire thing even though in my youth I must have seen that movie (on VHS AND Betamax – gasp!!) about 40 kajillion times. It's still good. And oh! The memories.

  7. Azúcar :


    Yes. Me too.

    Oh, those Salvatore brothers!

  8. Petit Elefant :

    The Breeders,

    I think it's official. I need to go to Blockbuster tonight and rent it. All this talk is making me nostalgic.


    I knew it! I can always count on you to have the most, ahem, varied taste. Salvatore indeed. Although, mostly Stefan.

  9. Erin O. :

    You're welcome.

    Ooooh, Stefan…you make me say, "Edward who?"

  10. Petit Elefant :

    Erin O.

    Even though they're supposedly around the same age, I think Stefan has a little more maturity under his belt. His temper seems a little more in check.

  11. IzzyMom :

    They do look alike although Jake Ryan will always have a special place in my pants er…I mean heart ;)

  12. Amanda :

    They do share the same look but Stefan is way hotter IMO. :)