Valentines day movie and a beauty surprise

You’re all beauty box fans, right?  You’ve heard of these subscription services where a beauty box filled with a random assortment of surprise fabulousness shows up at your door once a month?  Well, if you haven’t, I’m here to give you an introduction.  By giving you an insiders peek and a chance to win a little slice of heaven a beauty box of your own.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all entrants. Our 3 winners are

Comment # 39, Comment # 67 and Comment #81.

Please contact us immediately to claim your prize!

romantic comedy and beauty surprise

In collaboration with POPSUGAR, and to celebrate today’s release of the new Valentine’s Day movie Safe Haven (romantic drama/thriller), Petit Elefant is giving away 3 POPSUGAR must-have beauty boxes filled with some stylish surprise (s) featured in the movie.  (p.s. each box is valued at over $100)

What, what?  Aww, yeah.

Three (3) winners will receive this beauty box:

romantic comedy

one of which I was lucky enough to receive, and let me tell you there is some fun stuff in there.  Cool, neat-o, beauty, boxy, fun surprises for the YOU in your life. (don’t share this with someone you love, you need a little love and beauty this Valentine’s Day)

So here’s how it goes down, The Giveaway Details:

  • Leave a comment on this post about what you THINK is inside the beauty box from POPSUGAR
  • Leave your email contact info in the comments (or we can’t contact you – that would be sad)
  • This giveaway will run through Thursday February 21, midnight MST, after which the comments will be closed and a winner selected.
  • P.S. Good Luck
  • P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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  1. Donna :

    Probably lots of chocolates and jewelry since it’s V-day month. (and V-day can mean whatever you want!)

  2. Ashley H :

    Maybe headphones,, mascara, eyeliner, or even a gift certificate to someplace wonderful?

  3. signe :

    since it is valentines month – probably at least some chocolate:)

  4. Emily :

    Pretty nail polish, hair texturizing spray, a sweet perfume, and an awesome pink lipstick!

  5. Angela M :

    Chocolate, pretty lipstick or gloss and nail polish for sure.

  6. Christine :

    Some makeup, nail polish, hair accessory (headband or some kind of clip?), lip gloss.

  7. Payal :

    Nail polish, listick/gloss, gift cert for chocolate or maybe jewelry shop

  8. Brooke :

    Chocolate and bath salts!

  9. Erin :

    Nail polish, lipstick, and a makeup bag!

  10. Michelle B :

    I’m guessing some red lipstick.

  11. adrienne :

    I would guess lip gloss, nail polish and maybe a few sweets thrown in for good measure!

  12. Peggy :

    My guess is that there are the latest nail polishes, lipstick, lip gloss and maybe some lotions. What a great giveaway!

  13. beth cole :

    My guess is lipstick, nail polish, and a lotion. This is such a great giveaway

  14. CharityS :

    Lip gloss

  15. Rik :

    Nail polish, chocolate, some kind of chapstick or lipstick. rikki . hein @ gmail . com

  16. Mari :

    Sea salt caramels, pink and red nail polish, a colorful jumprope and a book of love poems.

  17. Genell P :

    My guess is chocolates, heart shaped something, resistance bands (because they go great with January’s stability ball), and lotion for dry wintery skin!

    Email address: pattersonge(at)gmail (dot)com

  18. nova c. :

    nail polish, chocolate, lotion, scarf!

  19. Erin B :

    My hope a miracle product that will change lizard lips into luscious! I am in deep need!

  20. Jen M :

    I have no idea! I’ve never heard of a beauty box. Can you believe it? I’ll take a wild guess that there would be some awesome makeup, maybe nail polish and some fabulous hair stuff in there. Here’s hoping I get to find out for myself what’s in there!

  21. Suzanne :

    Chocolate, bath stuff, nail polish, and a good book;-)

  22. Emily :

    Awesome! Maybe some anti wrinkle cream, not that I need it HAHA. Just kidding I totally do.

  23. mary matheson :

    I’m thinking there is the Safe Haven book, some chocolate and some girly girl pretty things.

  24. andrea ried :

    I am guessing probably some cute make-up, maybe perfume and some valentine-y accessories!

  25. Jenny :

    I think some rad eye palette and an unwashed article of clothing josh duhamel wore. Swoon!

  26. Michelle Naomi :

    Something that smells good, something that sparkles (nail polish maybe?) and something fabulous for your hair.

  27. Stacy N. :

    Nail polish, mascara, chocolate or something sugary and wonderful and a fantastic hair product.

  28. Katelyn :

    There could be all kinds of awesome stuff: colorful scarf to celebrate the almost-start of spring; chocolate, chocolate, chocolate; and maybe some chai tea because it is yummy. I might just need to sign up to find out!

  29. Krista :

    I would have no idea as I don’t follow makeup much, but I hope that most of it is rated safe by the EWG! :)

  30. DeeDee V. :

    I’m gonna say some amazeballs mascara and bb cream and something for momma’s dark circles. And candy.

  31. Wendy Fontaine :

    A miniature Josh Duhamel – just add water and he becomes lifesize!

  32. Carole :

    Mascara, a perfect spring lip gloss, some amazing perfume, nail polish and some chocolate for good measure!

  33. Jenny S :

    Hopefully some awesome makeup or fun jewelry? Maybe a copy of the book. But I’m with Wendy, I’m hoping for a miniature Josh Duhamel!

  34. Catie :

    Maybe a chocolate facial mask or something gold-toned? Ooooh! Or something champagne and/or strawberries?

  35. Lindsey MacMuray :

    Edible undies. Flavored lip gloss. Yummy things to eat. Hairspay with sparkles. Just a guess….

  36. Colleen :

    Oooh, tough one. Hopefully some red lipstick, black mascara, and some fun pampering supplies!

  37. Emily woods :

    Lip gloss, chocolate and a gift certificate!

  38. Rebecca :

    I think it’s gotta have some chocolate in it, and then maybe some luxurious lotion, and probably some tea! :)

    • Kimberly :

      winner! send us an email with your contact info, Rebecca. kimberly (@) petitelefant (dot) com

  39. Patty L :

    Great smelling body lotion, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, and a gift certificate…and more! :)

  40. Amy Orvin :

    Chocolate and probably beauty samples.

  41. Gail :

    Chocolate/red lipgloss – maybe hot chocolate- maybe some great soap or shower gel

  42. Courtney wells :

    I think there will be…lipgloss, a facial moisturizer, a chocolate sample and a trial size perfume. I would love to win one … Mom of 5 needa some lovins!

  43. Karen Hibl :

    There’s something shiny, lotion-y, and healthy inside. (winner, winner, ckn dinner!)

  44. Kassi :

    There will be an assortment of chocolates, makeup, and lip gloss.

  45. Sara :

    Some fabulous nail polish, a savvy hair product and hopefully some new colorful lipstick!

  46. Linda D :

    I think you included some healthy chocolate granola type bars, some soothing tea, possibly resistance bands, red lipstick & pink lip gloss, some tinted moisturizer and a Safe Haven book.

  47. Carol :

    Ooh! I hope there’s herbal bath bubbles, homemade beauty items, the paper back book Safe Haven, which I loved by the way! Oh and maybe something sweet and chocolatey? Sure hope I win, I’ve had a cold for, like, weeks! Could use a little pampering!
    Thanks Allison for this opportunity!
    Hope you had a fantabulous Valentines Day!

  48. Tabby :

    Lipgloss, chocolates, something sexy for Valentine’s Day and something Safe Haven related…movie tickets perhaps???

  49. Jenny Schantz :

    Some kind of BB cream, some hair care products, maybe some different makeup samples,like lipstick/gloss, or mascara. Probably some tea packages, and maybe even some chocolates(hopefully truffles! Yummy!)
    IT’S ALL GOOD!!! Thanks Petit Elefant!

  50. Lorene :

    I betcha there is some really pretty lipstick or lipgloss!

  51. Megan T. :

    lip gloss and nail polish? Two essentials! ;)

  52. Cassandra :

    Chocolates, lip gloss, heart shaped something and hair accessory. This is fun!

  53. Mitra :

    I think it would be chocolate, nail polish and movie tickets.

  54. Jensen :

    I think it would have nail polish lotion and lipstick! Maybe even a festive shadow pallet.

  55. KIMBERLY :

    Sparkly nail polish, shiny lip gloss, chocolate truffles, bubble bath, candles, lotion, and a CD :)

  56. Carey M :

    I hope it has some awesome facial products and sparkly nail polish and maybe a fantastic shade of lip gloss….a girl can dream!

  57. nusaiba :

    probably some thing jewlery related, maybe somekind of underwear , something realted to safeheaven maybe lipstck and or chocolate, something spa’ish i think…. !!?!

  58. sumaya :

    i think it will probabbly have something realted to safe heaven, some kind of lipstick/gloss. chocolates, and probably something corny realted to valentines, like conversation cards, or those little candy hearts.

  59. Jen :

    Shimmery pretty blush, volumizing mascara, a light pink lip gloss, and maybe something candy scented.

  60. L Walker :

    lip gloss, nail polish, lotion, self-tanner, mascara, something great smelling

  61. Kim Ross :

    Is Josh Duhamel gonna be in the box?? No?…. Dang!!! Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks for another awesome giveaway. :)

  62. Loretta :

    I’m guessing some beautiful nail polish…

  63. Jenny :

    Red lipstick, chocolate and bubble bath?

    • Kimberly :

      Jenny, you are one of our winners. Please email us as soon as possible with your contact info. kimberly (@) petitelefant (dot) com

  64. Maggie :

    Ryan Gosling, please and thank you!

  65. Janet :

    Aubergine Mascara is in the box – maybe just hopeful ; )
    And, am hoping to see this movie.

  66. Marissa Phillips :

    I bet there are some fun beachy items in the box, like maybe a sand scrub, or some tanner. Something to brighten up the dull winter months :)

  67. Gali H. :

    Makeup, candy, mirror,I don’t know? :)

  68. Sam A. :

    I’m thinking lotion, bath scrub, body spray/perfume, nail polish and something fun & sparkly like a fancy mirror/compact.

    • Sam A. :

      And, for some reason my email didn’t show up in there?

  69. lisa g. :

    Lip balm, breath mints, nail decals, and chocolates and maybe some yummy perfume.

  70. Rachel C. :

    Makeup and Perfume would be wonderful!

  71. Marcia T. :

    Such good ideas ladies! Going with the theme of Valentine’s, Safe Haven, and collaboration between the two websites; here’s my box: 1. Definitely the book :) 2. Strawberry lipgloss, every woman needs some! 3. Chocolate covered strawberries, b/c I didn’t get any on Valentine’s day 4. Amazing Valentine’s-y loose tea blends that cater right to snuggling up with this great book. And finally 5. A pair of leg warmers with little elefants on them :) How perfect! oh oh pick me pick me! creativecrafter85(at)gmail(dot)com

  72. Stephanie :

    Origami roses, french macarons in the shape of a heart, chocolate body wash, cocoa nibs, something bubbly, and finally a pair of studs… I’m talking about earrings of course.

  73. Karen A. :

    Let’s see, possibly a certificate to buy some chocolate or bake goods, maybe some earrings or a necklace, the book of course, some lip products, body spray, and something warm and fuzzy? :) my email;

  74. Andrea Roche :

    Nailpolish and some blush!

    • Kimberly :

      Andrea! You are a winner! Please email us quickly to claim this awesome prize. kimberly (@) petitelefant (dot) com

  75. Andrea Roche :


  76. Kandra :

    spa stuff? bubble bath? lipstick samples? maybe even fragrances? what a great idea.

  77. Kandra :

    oops… i am kandrajane at bellsouth dot net

  78. Rita :

    stationary set (ya know … because the movie has letters in it), a copy of the book, a cd from the movie, nail polish, lipstick and something edible. :-)

    • Rita :

      romanira36 (at) gmail (dot) com – almost forgot that part!

  79. sherri lynn :

    I think it has nail polish, lip gloss, a candle, and bath salts. I’d love to win!!

  80. Cathy :

    I think it’s nail polish and chocolate. And maybe lip gloss too.

  81. K Grace :

    I think there is a makeup sample of some sort, a scarf, and a bracelet in the box. It would help if I had seen the movie, but that’s my guess!

  82. Carly :

    I think the box would include some nail polish in adorable shades of pink/red, perhaps some delicious chocolate because you just can’t ever have enough, some lotion to help heal these hands from such extremely cold weather, and maybe even a good book to snuggle up with on these cold nights.

  83. Aubrey Archuleta :

    Perfume, red lipstick, dry shampoo, and waterproof mascara.

  84. Nicole :

    I think it has lip gloss, perfume, bath oil, a scrub and maybe some chocolate!

  85. Sky :

    I’m guessing a luscious lip gloss!

  86. AJ :

    Pale pink lipgloss and some dark chocolate….oooooh that would be delish!
    Thank you for another great giveaway!

  87. Jessibeth :

    Jum… Probably some good chocolates, red lipstick, red nail polish and maybe some pedal roses…that would be nice….even if they are plastic ;) lol

  88. Joe :

    Presents for my wife

  89. Jamie :

    I need a new BB cream or a great cleanser! Here’s hoping! Thanks!!

  90. Lindsay :

    I love these beauty boxes! The movies looks pretty great. I would guess a beautiful shade of lipstick or lipgloss. Probably something valentines related too? Chocolate?

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