fun homemade valentine’s day ideas

Here’s a roundup of all kinds of Valentine fun, in case you’re in the mood to be a little crafty.

The step-by-step tutorial for this homemade felt heart brooch from Dabbled are easy enough for a beginner to follow. Cute right?

Remember this heart braid from last year? I’ll attempt it again with Precocious next week. I swear.

What about this great heart pillow made out of buttons? Totally doable.

This heart pudding pie from Make and Takes looks delicious and adorable, a winning combination no?

Um, molten Chocolate cakes from This Week for Dinner? Yes please.

What are you making at your house this week for Valentine’s Day? I just found out I’m in charge of games for Precocious’ classroom on Friday.


Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

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  1. Marie {Make and Takes} :

    Great round up! That molten cake looks to DIE-IEIEIEIE for!!

  2. the emily :

    spin the bottle dude. you'll be the hit of the party.

  3. Dandy :

    I'm going to attempt to make dinner. Actually I don't plan on cooking the steak. So I'm going o attempt to make the sides for our v-day dinner and I really think thats all I can handle.

    I know my boundaries.

  4. Veeda :

    Oh my cute heart hair!

  5. Amy Mac :

    Easiest Valentine Decorating Ever:

    Not nearly as creative as your lovely things, but it'll get the job done!