Unique jewelry storage solution

It’s no secret that I have a lot of jewelry.  Perhaps too much {is there such a thing?}.  I grab cheap baubles wherever I go and periodically add a nice piece or two along the way.  Basically, my jewelry cup runneth over.


I’ve been storing most of my jewelry on top of my dresser in a cool wooden box I got thrifting a couple years ago, and it’s been great.  But I wanted something a little more organized.  Because I’m O.C.D. like that.

milk glass

After seeing my friend Kami’s milk glass collection, I thought it would be so pretty for storing jewelry.  It’s pretty and perfect for compartmentalizing.  Two things I love.

milk glass

We have an amazing antique store downtown in my little city, so I headed down and found a handful of amazing milk glass {and it was on sale! bonus!} and I’m thrilled with the result.

antique milk glass

The pretty little pieces sit on my dresser, coralling my treasures, looking effortlessly gorgeous.

Should we all be so lucky.

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  1. Kami :

    Beautiful! The blue one is my favorite! A blue collection would be so cool!

  2. Allison :

    Kami, there’s another blue piece I need to go back and buy. So pretty.

  3. Cat {brideblu} :

    I am totally OCD like “that” too! I am also an avid collector of antiques and thrifted goodness and adore the way your solution fits into your life {though your antiqued wooden jewelry box sounds quite lovely too!}.

    So pretty!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

    • Allison :

      Well, my necklaces are still in the wooden box, so I’m just antiqued everywhere!

  4. katrina :

    For lack of freaking you out.. I have to tell you Allison, that you inspired me to start on the jewlery wagon. I use to wear two pieces, my wedding ring, and a small necklace. Then I realized one day watching your blog “I can pull this off”
    I started zooming the jewlery section at Forever 21 {since that is all I can fit in at that store} and bought cheap stuff that way if I didn’t follow through I wasn’t out so much… now about 2 years later I don’t leave the house without some big earrings or a long necklace! Thanks! :)
    P.S. the bottom earrings {silver teardrops} I have those! Forever 21 too?

    • Allison :

      Why would that freak me out? Not at all! I love that you’ve started wearing more jewelry, that makes me totally happy! And yes, those are totally Forever 21. Their clothes might be ridiculous but their jewelry is fabulous costume-y heaven!