Trick or Treating.


How was your Halloween weekend?  Trick or treating happened on Saturday night for us because we live in Utah and that’s the way things are here.  I had less than 20 kids stop by, which means I broke my sugar-free clause to eat the remainder of the trick-or-treating candy.

Not good.

I woke up with hands the size of bear claws.  Lupus + sugar don’t mix.  Sugar makes me swell.  To the size of a water buffalo.

whoppers candy

Oh well.  Those are the breaks.

Charming was a Pirate for Halloween and Precocious was a one person piggyback {a reference to a book}.  I didn’t get photos of the kids because it hailed for 30 minutes before they finally decided to brave the war to get some candy.

I was dressed up as a tired mom.  No, really.  I wore my pajamas, no bra, and a cardigan sweater with some Uggs.  I didn’t do my hair, or makeup, and I wore glasses.


How was your weekend, anything awesome or spectacular happen?  Are you in a sugar coma?  What did you wear?

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  1. diamondgirl :

    We had a family Halloween party last Sat then school parties on Wed trick or treating at Meemoms work on Fri then or little town trick or treat house to house on Sat. My kids have gobs of candy and I am trying to stay out of it. Today they carved their pumpkins. It has been a fun weekend. Son was a Zombie, Daughter 1 was a Zookeeper, Daughter 2 was a Dragon (3rd year in a row).

  2. Marisa :

    Eek! Sorry about the swelling. :( But those candy photos make me HAPPY. (We have yet to go trick-or-treating, obviously. Tomorrow, those photos will make me want to puke and go on an anti-sugar rampage.)

    I’m wearing black + fab headband my SIL made for me. It’s got black mesh coming down over my forehead with plastic spiders all over. Awesomeness.

  3. Donna :

    Much funner and warmer in Disneyland!

  4. Sarah :

    We had 10 trick or treaters! 10! My son came home with 13.5 lbs. of candy!
    why do I like this holiday so much?
    oh yeah, the pumpkin seeds

  5. Jody M :

    We had a pretty slow night, only about 25 t-or-t-ers. So lots of leftover candy but luckily none of it’s chocolate so I think it’s safe from me!

    Sorry about your swelling. I love your costume idea & think I’ll go as that next year!

  6. Shari (aka: fruitloopgirl) :

    Lupus is a jerk! Hope the swelling goes down real soon.

    My cutie-patootie dressed as Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter series and I accompanied her as some sort of 80’s misfit in an outfit I threw together very quickly and looked more like I just don’t have very good fashion sense than a costume. lol
    photo on my blog