6 Travel Quotes to Inspire You

Best Ever Travel Quotes | Petit Elefant

Ah, travel. I heart it so. Nothing inspires me more than really great, really deep quotes from fellow travel lovers both vintage and modern, and I’ve adopted the ones that speak to me most as personal travel mantras.

Travel is what makes me pore over travel books and magazines like a fan-girl tears through Tiger Beat. It keeps my wanderlusting mind filled with happy thoughts.

Dreamy sigh.

That we’re a family of travel hounds is no secret, and when we’re not flying off somewhere, we’re talking about the places we want to explore next (the kids want to go to England and the Caribbean while my husband and I want to lose ourselves in France and Mexico), or making note of the adventures we want to try (my seven-year-old has visiting a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica at the top of his life list).

And though we can’t live the life of nomads, what with things like school and work and funds to consider, we’ve found that travel quotes are a wonderful way to harness all that free-spiritedness and channel it into what amounts to warm hugs via cleverly crafted words and phrases.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite quotes to inspire you and perhaps serve as your own travel mantras:

Best Ever Travel Quotes | Petit Elefant Best Ever Travel Quotes | Petit Elefant Best Ever Travel Quotes | Petit Elefant

Best Ever Travel Quotes | Petit Elefant

Best Ever Travel Quotes | Petit Elefant

Find and fall in love with your own mantras; and better yet, get up and go explore!

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