travel journal

Cambria Cove {one of my favorite gifting companies} sent me this adorable journal in February around Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been hoarding it ever since to give to Precocious for our family trip to Europe.  Precocious isn’t much of a journal-er {is that even a word?}, and it’s something I’m trying to help her enjoy.  I started keeping a journal every night from a very early age, and while I don’t have the courage it takes to go back and read those entries until I’ve had a lot more therapy, I want my daughter to do the same.

travel journal

I’m going to give this journal to Precocious tomorrow morning on the plane from Salt Lake City to New York in the hopes that she’ll write down some of her thoughts and feelings about our trip to Europe.  Even if she just writes about how cool it is to ride on a plane all the way over the Atlantic ocean and that she has unlimited access to her Nintendo DS, and endless servings of ginger ale, I want her to write it down.


I think the selling point will be the heart lock and key; anything to keep Charming out of her personal business.

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  1. Kelly :

    You leave for Europe tomorrow? really? Wow. That happened fast. Have a GREAT trip!

    • Allison :

      It didn’t come nearly fast enough!

  2. Marie :

    Great idea. I hope she uses it in Poland! Would be so fun to have memories of that to read when she’s older!

  3. Katrina :

    Journaling is the only way I can forgive myself for not keeping a baby book for my kiddos! :(