birthday party ideas for toddlers.

My little boy’s birthday will be upon me in no time. He’s turning 3 and I can hardly believe it. We are considering a low-key birthday party this year–not too long, not too many guests–and I’ve been brainstorming some ideas, one of which is a baseball party. Some inspiration:
grand slam cupcakes
a quick inning of  t-ball
a fun pennant-style banner
sorta like this one made by her for her (image here)

Stadium food, stadium style
hot dogs & root beer & such
my favorite: party favors
chocolate baseballs, cracker jacks, baseball cards, done.
Speaking of guests: How do I keep the guest list to a handful of children without hurting feelings? Nursery classmates or neighborhood playmates or both? Including both would be a big undertaking–we’re talking 20+ kids age 18 months to 7 years. Kids just his age or their siblings, too, because they all play together? What’s the protocol, mommies?
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  1. Pure and Honest Kids :

    The theme looks great! I love the stadium food and the cupcakes. Yummy! We are starting to think about our 2.5 year old's birthday party, and I am thinking playgroup friends and siblings, and not inviting the pre-school gang quite yet. I know whatever you choose will be great!

  2. Jill :

    if you're looking for some fun ideas for kids birthday invites, i have a brand new teeny-weeny design business that i just started. if you want to peek:

    a baseball themed invite would be very do-able!



  3. Jack Attack :

    baseball theme would be perfect for this baseball loving family (I've actually made those cupcakes before-easier with red icing than licorice). as for protocol, I say limit to his age/class only. too hard to gear things for 18 mo and 3 y/o-that's a huge difference.

    you're a better mommy than I am-we are skipping friends b-day parties until 4 or 5 y/o and that one will be low key-a book party only, where all gifts will be a favorite book and I'll have someone come and do a reading of his favoirte stories with food and theme to correlate.

  4. Petit Elefant :

    I generally limit birthday party invites to the number of friends based on age. So, for a 3 year old party it would be 3 kids. It's tricky with lotss of friends but it's worked for me!

  5. Maiz :

    When my son was three, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday party, and he said, "Party hats and strawberry shortcake!" We spent about a week making the "fanciest" party hats we could, and he really didn't mind at all that the guests were all family (only 2 other, younger kids). We all humored him by wearing the hats and playing simple games with him, and he had the time of his life!

  6. Run DMT :

    What a cute theme! At 3 yo, your son should be able to tell name who he'd like to invite to his party. Be honest. Tell him he can't invite his whole class because there's just not enough space for everyone.

    I've followed this method with my girls and it's helped with the guest list headache.

    Have a great time!

  7. jessica :

    I love this theme! So fun! I especially love the idea of stadium food.