This fall it’s all about the burgundy



I have a confession to make: if it didn’t make me look like a total vampire, I’d wear deep burgundy lipstick every day of the week.  In fact right this minute I’m wearing OPI’s super foxy Honk if you love OPI on my digits, a deep sultry burgundy if there ever was one.  I save the burgundy lips for serious rock and roll or a truly dark restaurant, but it’s time to bend the rules because

this fall it’s all about the burgundy

Burgundy lips, burgundy nails, burgundy eyes (I’m just not that brave, I’ll be honest), and deep purple cheeks (that one should stay on the runways).

Here’s how to wear it:

  1. Put the lipstick on straight out of the tube.  Blot, reapply, and use a lipstick brush or q-tip to clean up the edges.
  2. In order to NOT be mistaken for a member of the undead, keep the rest of your makeup minimal.  By which I mean almost nonexistent.  It’s a little streetwalker to have crazy eye makeup and super dark lips all on the same face.
  3. Once you’re out and about during your day, check the mirror every so often to make sure your lipstick still looks foxy.  It’s harder to keep a dark burgundy look pretty than it is a light pink.
  4. Rock it.

What do you think, are you all in?

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  1. Lindsey (Cafe Johnsonia0 :

    Oh! I’m in. That will make my pasty skin look even more ethereal this winter. ;)

    Seriously though, I love the burgundy lipstick. It’s beautiful.

    • Allison :

      Lindsey, you could totally do it if the color was a little lighter and glossier. It would be so pretty on you!

  2. Katie :

    I suppose this isn’t exactly a look for high school students! but I guess I could rock some burgundy nails

  3. Rebecca :

    Last year I was dabbling in this trend and this year I’m going to wear it every day. I think these shades look amazing with fair or light skin.