Things I’m thinking about

Things I’m thinking about today:

sea shells
  • I feel happy every time I look at the smattering of shells on my patio table outside.  Some of the shells still have chunks of sand inside which is the only way I can distinguish which ones came from Costa Rica or Hawaii.  The sand from Costa Rica is grey and Hawaii’s sand is chunky and sand colored, little bits of shells all crunched up.
lake arenal
  • I can’t get Costa Rica out of my head.  I really need to figure out a way to move there permanently.  Semi-permanently.  Temporarily/permanent like.  For the rest of forever.
running track
  • My baby girl became a teenager overnight, a teenager with legs up to her armpits and long golden hair.  What’s happening?  
thinking about things
  • I’d say she’s adopted but apparently we’re twins.  Plus, you know, all those stretchmarks and whatnot.
  • Did you watch the solar eclipse a few weeks ago?  We have a couple welding masks lying around (what, don’t you?) and they were perfect for watching the eclipse. Viktor drew faces on the masks so they were a little more personable, as one does.
  • I kind of wish I were a 7-year-old boy in skinny jeans, looking down the barrel of a summer full of swimming and fireworks, and PB&J sandwiches on the deck.
things I'm thinking about
  • Charming’s life is a pretty carefree place to be, so I live vicariously through him, trying on his little rosy colored Ray Bans from time to time.
summer play

Ah, welcome Summer.

— What are you thinking about?  Bills, how much you need an eyebrow wax (projecting a little here), how much you want to go see that new movie with whats-her-face in and that new cute guy? —

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  1. Qui :

    It was a long winter for me, and I spent spring waking up from a dark hibernation. Summer feels glorious, and I’m living in the moment, enjoying the sunshine, creek walks, bbq’s with friends and family. Awww… feels good to be awake again :)

  2. Becca :

    The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  3. Sarah :

    i love you, you know that, but this is exactly the kind of post that keeps me coming back for more.
    love it!

  4. Marie :

    Those kids! How are they growing up so fast. C has so many cute freckles. And yes, P is exactly you!! Love it!

  5. RK2 :

    I am thinking about bills – June always seem to be a rather expensive month for us…My daughter will be turning 8 (EIGHT?! WTH?)…I am very tired for some reason – so very tired…I am loving my garden but I am NOT loving my evil little puppy who keeps trying to get in it and EAT everything!

  6. Stephanie :

    This is a really lovely post.