book pick: the girlfriend’s guide to pregnancy.

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When one of my girlfriends recently told me that she was pregnant, the first words out of my mouth {after my congratulations, of course} were “You have to read The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy!”. I. Love. That. Book. Honestly, it saved me while I was pregnant with P. I appreciate honesty, especially when I’m in unfamiliar territory. Vicky Iovine an accomplished writer, attorney, and mother of 4 straight talks her way through all 9 {10} months of your pregnancy. Not only will she hold your hand through all the ups and downs of preparing for motherhood, she even included an extra chapter at the end to get you through postpartum or as she calls it, your “fourth trimester”.
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  1. kat | Taylor Made designs :

    I have this book and it’s awesome. I totally agree that it is a must read.

  2. Krista :

    My friend loaned me this book when I was pregnant and it was a HILARIOUS read! A great companion to those “other” books since this one answers all the questions you’re afraid to ask anyone!

  3. Cee :

    I LOVE THIS BOOK~! Way better than “What to expect” The author is so hilarious, I still cant read all the birth parts without fainting though :)

  4. jonna :

    my sister gave me this book to read when I was prego! loved it…great perspective!

  5. Indy :

    Love, love, love this book. It is the most realistic pregnancy book out there. So funny!

  6. rachel :

    i enjoyed parts of this book but i found the author contradict herself a lot and is s bit quick at brushing off things (such as exercise, though she later said it was a good idea…another contradiction). i would not refer this book to anyone else because it felt superficial. i found jenny mccarthy’s belly and baby laughs to be much more light hearted and helpful