Thank You For Being Awesome


Thank You For Being Awesome

Seriously, thank you the most.  From the deepest place in my heart, thank you.  It’s a bit scary to put yourself out there, really super out there, like I did last week when I wrote about how I’m figuring out the purpose of life.  Being vulnerable is awesome, and also terrifying, but you made it terrifyingly awesome by your response to me opening up.

Thank you for all the texts, comments, and emails about how that post resonated with you. You’re pretty much the best. Of all time.

SO MANY of you are where I am right now: sick of being overstimulated and exhausted, led around by the collar on the leash of our fabulous new electronic age.  It was super reassuring to hear from those of you who feel this stress and want to do something about it. Because we can.  Do something about it, that is.

I’m super stoked to tell you my life is less and less stressful, and more purposeful and happier every day.  I’ll totally share with you the things I’m doing to make it so.  It’s super easy and hard at the same time, and my life is so much better for it.

You in?  I think you are.  And if you’re not, stick around anyway because I like you a lot.

p.s. I took this photo of a sunset last month when my husband and I went on a romantic getaway to Mexico (SANS KIDS!).  We walked along the beach one night and the sky turned red and stormy and it was amazing.

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  1. donna :

    that photo is amazing!