Swimsuit Confidence

Ladies, Kimberly here, Allison’s sidekick beseeching you to gird up your loins: Swimsuit season is upon us. For real. And I say, down with the string bikini! Down with t-shirts in the pool! I say we make this the summer of swimsuit confidence. All shapes, all sizes. Don’t you agree? I thought you would. Land’s End does, too, and asked me to prove it. Well, they asked Allison, but she’s in Europe or something. So, ignoring the fact that it’s been raining for weeks, in all my new swimsuit glory I give you proof of my own swimsuit confidence:

Having the right swimsuit goes a loooong way in boosting that confidence (which I may or may not be faking). Land’s End asked me to choose one to show off and I do actually like it.  A lot. In case you were wondering, (ha!) my teensy weensy bikini days are long gone, and most of my swim suit time involves chasing toddlers around a pool so, momma’s gotta keep it G-rated but also cute, not matronly. Thus a tankini (best invention ever) was my perfect solution. I love the flirty little skirted bottom, and the patterned top allows me to control the va-va-voom factor. You know, adding more if I need it or toning it down if I don’t. I won’t say which.
So friends, go put on your bathing suit and be proud of what you have. Va-va-voom or not. I’ll resist the urge to point out all of my flaws if you will do the same.


And if you want to ask me more about my great experience with Land’s End, I’m happy to answer your questions. I also thank them for the cute suit and for the um, opportunity to put myself out there like that. It’s not awkward at all to pose for oneself in a swimsuit…


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