Sunrise in the Czech Republic

I leave you for the weekend with some photos of Europe.  Viktor snapped these pictures from our train car as we were headed into Prague for the day.  The children and I were completely sacked out, blissfully oblivious to the whole world {you’ve never slept until you’ve slept on a moving train – I slept like the dead} while Viktor captured the morning calm of a new country.

We have shots like this from every different country we visited in Eastern Europe, slices of the countryside outside major cities.  Farms, animals, people walking to the market with a cart full of produce to sell for the day.  There’s nothing like it, it’s just pure magic looking into people’s lives for a fraction of a second behind the glass.

before sunrise in the czech republic

sunrise in europe

sunrise in the Czech Republic

 Have a happy weekend, even if we aren’t in the Czech Republic looking at a beautiful sunrise.

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  1. Kelleyn :

    Good thing someone didn’t fall asleep on the train or you wouldn’t have such a gorgeous photo of the sunrise. BEAUTIFUL! Hava a happy weekend!

  2. jenny :

    Hi, I just re-stumbled onto your blog! I found it a while back, probably something I pinned – don’t know what. And now I have found it again, bookmarked onto my desktop which I rarely use anymore. I have to make sure I mark it on my laptop now. I have enjoyed browsing it and will be back. Great dollar store tips!

    And I love the photos and journaling of your trip. SO want to go to Europe…some day…I hope….