Summer Vacation Photography Tips

Summer Vacation Photography Tips

Ah, Summer vacation. It’s like an oasis from the long school grind. It’s something that everyone looks forward to which is why all the memory making from this very important event must be documented. Here’s a few Summer vacation photography tips that I’ve found helpful as I’ve learned to capture the memories but still enjoy the moments.

1. Capture the small moments that spark an emotion. When we drove from Texas to California, our car was packed down. I knew we would forget how crazy it was unless I took a photo. Same was true when we pulled into our driveway after a haul to Utah and back and we looked at the speedometer…3399.9 miles. Small moments but they’re fun to remember years down the road.

2. Let your child get behind the lens. I love seeing things from their perspective. While camping in Moab, I gave the camera to my son. Not only did he love it and capture some great shots but, it was also a memory in itself! As far as photography tips, this one might be my favorite.

Summer Vacation Photography Tips

3. Don’t get too focused on capturing the perfect shots that you’re not present. As a photographer, this has been something I’ve had to learn. Your kids aren’t going to care if your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture are all lined up and your composition is perfect. They are going to care that you’re present. In the moment. On our last vacation, I even opted on several days to leave my big SLR and only use my iPhone. I loved the simplicity of it.

4. Be sure to capture family shots, including yourself! If you’re the photographer, it’s easy to forget to step in front of the lens. Think about your kids looking at photo albums 20 years down the road. They are going to want to see photos of you. Remember to ask strangers to snap a family shot. Those are the best. You might get someone else’s rear in your scenic shot at the Grand Canyon, but that’s beside the point.

Summer Vacation Photography Tips

5. Make a photo album for your kids. I started doing this about four years ago, and now it’s something my kids look forward to every year. Because I went simple this year and captured the moments with my iPhone, I opted to try a service I’ve never used that prints your Instagram photos.


Summer Vacation Photography Tips Summer Vacation Photography Tips

I loved how easy Printstagram was to use! You can use the app or do it through their website. Personally, I preferred the website because it gave me two layout options (one using 38 photos and one using 319) on the photo book that the app didn’t offer. It was also nice because it gave the option of either printing Instagram photos or photos from your computer (you can’t do both). One thing that is good to know ahead of time is that you can choose to include your Instagram captions in the book. Knowing that ahead of time can change the text you post with your photos. Bottom line…I loved using Printstagram. The hardback photo books are good quality. It’s an easy service to use. For busy Moms like me, it brings an element of simplicity. AND turnaround time when ordering is super fast. They also have lots of other great products to choose from (really loving the greeting cards and 4X4 prints), so check them out! Their website, like others that print instagram photos, offers lots of photography tips as well.

Do you have vacation plans this Summer? This travel junkie would LOVE to hear the destinations on your travel agenda!

Disclosure: I received one free photo book from Social Print Studio in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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