summer swim suits 2011

DownEast sent me an adorable swim suit to take with me to Europe.  Viktor pointed out that people in Europe don’t obsess over their bodies like Americans, and that maybe it was time I invest in a bikini to wear to the bath houses in Budapest.

No thank you very much.

summer swim suits 2011

Just to sweeten the deal a little, I added a ruffly swim skirt on top.

He won’t be excited about that, not at all.

Over sized sunglasses, cute beach hat.

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  1. JourneyBeyondSurvival :

    They really are healthy examples of body image. I loved it there. It truly shifted my own thinking about my body.

    That said, I only used a tankini simply because a bikini would have given me psychological hives that sprout on the surface. I LOVE that skirt! The black one. Not the itsy bitsy one in the same pattern of the top. Nope. That one gives me hives.

    Double check that your bath houses aren’t nudist. Just to be sure eh? Wouldn’t want you breakin out too!

    • Allison :

      I could do nudist. In Europe.

      • Michal :

        50 mile rule. Once you leave a 50 mile radius of your home, anything goes. Never mind the 8 time zone rule… Watch out.

  2. robyn :

    i was just checking out the suits on the shabby apple site.
    not that i really NEED a new suit—but i always convince myself that my grass will look greener.

    • Allison :

      Robyn, I’d check out DownEast over Shabby. Better quality.

  3. girlsmama :

    Hubs served his LDS mission in Hungary. We try to go when we can! We were there in 2006 in a bathhouse and I was shocked! I had my four child bearing, overweight body very covered. Two tankini tops, bottoms, plus shorts and people looked at me like I was crazy! All the women were in bikinis with there stretch marks and mother ravaged bodies proudly displayed. I was self conscious in my modesty. Crazy, no? Not that I’d ever have the nerve to wear a bikini. Even in Hungary. We are so self-conscious here in the US of A.

    • Allison :

      I seriously can’t wait to go hang out with women who love themselves just the way they are; we could use a lesson or two in the states.

  4. Sarah :

    How does the saying go? When in Budapest???? I say live it and love it, you know you can pull it off ;)

    • Allison :

      You never know, maybe I’ll get brave.

  5. Jenijen :

    I do wear one when I’m on Maui, but less so in California. Hawaii is good like that :)

    • Allison :

      Maybe I’ll just pick up a Euro appropriate one over there!

  6. Mandi :

    When we were in Budapest we went to Gellert Baths: I HIGHLY recommend going here. The pools alone are amazing and it has a wave pool that totally breaks all US regulation codes. The waves are slammers!

    Yes, there are a ton of nakedness going on there and it was totally comfortable. You can wear a little cover up they give you or even your suit, but I say, just let it go. All the ladies were nude only in the “woman only”steam baths, in the mixed pools all were covered. Really, after being around so many naked bods, they all look the same after about 3 seconds. And, all the people were 60+ and over. There were no supermodels there for sure.

    Don’t forget about getting a massage! At Gellert, the workers still treat you like it’s a communist country. The massage involves stripping down, lining up with other woman, getting hosed down with cold water with about 5 other woman, then getting the tar beat out of your by an older Hungarian woman with a tight bun on her head. Hysterical. My sisters and I were cracking up.

    • Allison :

      Mandi, I’m writing this place down. I think it was on the list of places I was considering. I plan to spend an entire day at the baths drinking mineral water, soaking in mineral water, and getting massaged head to toe. Hungarian women? Just the way I like em!

      THANK YOU!

  7. Michal :

    The massage involves stripping down, lining up with other woman, getting hosed down with cold water with about 5 other woman, then getting the tar beat out of your by an older Hungarian woman with a tight bun on her head.

    Doesn’t sound like a throwback to communism; sounds like a throwback to 1939-1945.

    • Allison :

      Dude. You’re scaring people away, stop it.

  8. Kimberly :

    this dialogue is killing me. can’t wait to see what adventure you find in eastern europe.

    • Allison :

      If you could just sit in the seat behind us on during the 16 hours of flying time? I’m sure you’d be terribly amused. People usually are.


  9. Katrina :

    OMG, I <3 it! I was looking everywhere for a cute suit to wear in Cali. I didn't find one in time, but guess what?! I didn't need one, it was flippin cold there last week.. like 60!