Style resolutions for the year 2013

style resolution for the year 2013New year, new resolutions and the perfect time to amp up your style. While setting a goal to lose weight or eat more veggies in the new year is great and all, there’s something just a little more fun (and less stressful) about setting goals for your wardrobe. Here are some style resolutions I recommend for for the year 2013:

style resolutions for the year 2013
  • 1. Wear more color!

Brighten up your daily routine of neutrals with pops of color this year. Not only will they brighten your complexion, but they’ll also brighten your day.

  • 2. Experiment with layering.

Especially in these colder months, layering is a great way to add dimension to an outfit and  stay warm all at the same time. Start with something simple like a chambray shirt over a striped t-shirt and work your way up. Soon you’ll be rocking a fur vest over a sweater, over a dress, over tights….you get my point.

  • 3. Shop your closet.

Mix and match items you already own in new ways. If you clean out your closet and reorganize it every few months during the year, it will help resurface items you may have forgotten about and spark your creativity.

  • 4. Only wear and buy things that excite you.

You should literally get giddy when picking out your outfit each day. Whatever is in your closet, even the simplest of t-shirts, should make you feel good. So only purchase items that you’re truly excited to wear.

  • 5. Bring back to classic blue jean.

With all the colored denim and printed pants out there right now, sometimes we all need to just take a breather and rock our classic blue jeans. They need some love.

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Amanda Holstein

Blogger at Advice from a Twenty Something, Amanda Holstein lives in San Francisco, CA where she writes her modern advice column for the everyday, stylish girl. She’s not your high-fashion guru, she’s your friend who knows about the sale at Madewell and who’ll actually tell you if that shirt doesn’t look good on you (someone needs to, right?). Besides blogging, Amanda works full-time at Federated Media Publishing, helping some of her favorite online publishers do what they love.


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