Stinson Beach


For my big vacation this summer my family and extended family rented a beach house. When things get a little too fiery and dry in Utah, it’s oh so nice to head to the coast. There is a cozy little beach about an hour north of San Francisco, called “Stinson,” with sand dollars, lemon trees, and low-flying clouds. It’s positively dreamy.




There are rows and rows of houses for rent, each pierced with big windows and protected by little wooden panels, all washed-over with salty air. You can rent a house on the beach, or around the lagoon; I prefer the lagoon. We rent paddle boards and kayaks for early-morning glides in the diamond-shaped inlet. Good times, my friends. The best kind.


 It sounds too dreamy to be true, and it almost is, but if you don’t mind a windy drive and a bit of summer splurging, then Stinson is a very touchable reality. As John Burroughs said, “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order” and Stinson does indeed soothe, heal, and pop my senses back into place. All that Pacific coast air, the sand and the waves…it’s bliss.



 So, whether the destination is Stinson Beach or some other house on the coast, or in the woods – renting a vacation home for family summer getaways is a great way to stretch your dollars for a big group, and a delightful way to connect and relax and play. Start planning now for next summer, so you can get the best deals!


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