book pick: the host.

It shouldn’t be any big surprise that I love Stephenie Meyer’s new book The Host since I adore her Twilight series {which I wrote about here}. Her writing is getting better and better with each book, and I think the premise of The Host is brilliant. It’s not just something to bide our time with until Breaking Dawn comes out either {although it doesn’t hurt to have a Stephenie Meyer fix while we wait}. It’s something different altogether and has definitely been one of my favorite Summer reads so far. And since this is a Petit Elefant Summer Giveaway what better to finish off the week than with a great book to read at the beach, in the plane, or by the pool?

Giveaway Guidelines:
  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me who you love more, Edward or Jacob {and why} between now and Sunday June 22nd {Midnight MDT}. And if you don’t know who Jacob and Edward are {sigh} just leave a comment of your choice.
  2. Leave only one comment please.
  3. Anonymous comments will be deleted.
  4. A random winner will be chosen and announced Monday June 23rd on Petit Elefant.
  5. Good luck!
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  1. nanvan :

    I guess I’d have to say Edward. Their love is inevitable.

  2. Anonymous :

    Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)
    by Stephenie Meyer (Author)

    Hot New Releases in Books

  3. Hannah :

    I guess I like Jacob better. Edward and Bella’s relationship is so obsessive that is bothers me. Jacob seems more down to earth. ;)

  4. catriona_sweeps :

    Well, since I haven’t read the series yet, I can’t honestly say. However, my 2 teens that are beyond obsessed with the books, unanimously say Edward! They would love to add this book to their collection!

  5. mary elizabeth :

    i’m going to go with edward because he was who i fell for first. but then there is jacob… and he is just so much more of a real character.

    oh man. this is why the books (which i really do love) were so hard for me… i just can’t choose!!

  6. Mary512 :

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  7. Cammie :

    Never read any…but I am willing to try it.

  8. apple :

    I’m not very familiar with the book and I would love to read it. It will be a good summer real, I believe. Thank you!

  9. chromiumman :

    well, i don’t know who these folks are… but i am dutifully ashamed of my ignorance

  10. Bunny B :

    I don’t know either character, but I’m going with Jacob :)

    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  11. Jenny Fowler :

    well i sure wish i knew who edward and jacob were. it sounds like a book i am missing out on. no time to read these days…no good.


  12. Elaine :

    I have heard lots about this book but haven’t had a chance to read it-sure hope I win it!
    Elaine R

  13. christina :

    How about my favorite so far from Host…I’m really liking Ian’s character. Lots more to read though, we’ll see.

  14. Kimberly B. :

    Well, I like Jacob, but that’s because I’ve only read the first book so far, and Bella really seems to need a friend!

  15. Anonymous :

    I’ve heard good things about this book and I’m interested in reading it.

  16. marleenandlouie :

    I haven’t read any of hers works so I can’t answer the question. However, I would love to win this book so I can become as big a fan as the people who have already left comments. Thanks for the chance.

  17. David Johnson :

    Count me in, thanks.

  18. Megan B. :

    Its a toss up, but I think I would say Edward, their love seems strong.

  19. Kari :

    Im entering this for my daughter – she’s 12 and yes she LOVES twilight and the series. She also loves Edward and her nickname at school is Alice so…that’s my pick :) Thank you!!

  20. clynsg :

    Good fantasy worlds are hard to come by. This one sounds as if it might succeed.
    clynsg at

  21. agordon10 :


  22. Kimberly L :

    Well, what a struggle, I like Edward , and give him credit for holding back. Yes, his relationship with Bella does grow more intense but Edward is battling against the nature of his being. Jake, I just don’t like the position and stress he places on Bella and having to make a choice between life and death.

  23. masonsgranny59 :

    ty 4 the great contest!:)

  24. Carolsue :

    I don’t know who they are either, but I’ve heard SO much about this book! I want to read it!
    Do you post the winners or contact them by e-mail?

  25. Tobye :

    I am really interested in reading this series. I have heard great things about it. Thanks!

  26. GALENA :

    sorry i have never read or heard of you but i am an avid reader an am always on the search for another autor to follow an agreat book.

  27. vboackle :

    i don’t know either i am sad to say so i will pick jacob blindly.

  28. sweetsue :

    I don’t know Edward or Jacob, but this book sounds wonderful!

  29. Nance :

    Edward… Jacob still seems like too much of a kid in attitude.

  30. mom2boys :

    I love them both, but if I had to chose it would be Edward Cullen of course, but that doesn’t make Jacob the bad guy!I can’t wait to read Breaking Dawn (book 4 in the Twilight Saga). I would love to read The Host also.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  31. Naomi :

    My husband reads only sci-fi books with horribly embarrassing covers. This might be a decent compromise!

  32. tetewa :

    I’ve read the Twilight series and I’ve been looking forward to this one! My pick for her is Edward, it’s who she truly loves, count me in for the draw!

  33. Patty :

    Thank you for having this contest. I really appreciate it.

  34. tatertot374 :

    I havent been able to read the series yet But I would love to find out. THank you for having this!

  35. Chocolate on my Cranium :

    I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to be released! My mom is planning an invitation only Breaking Dawn party for her bookstore.

    I think I like Jacob better. He seems much more down to earth and I like rooting for the underdog. :P

  36. D. :

    Guess I’ll say Edward.

  37. jess @ lost button studio :

    Hard question, but I have to go with Edward. More mature, protective, etc. Great giveaway!

  38. Tori :

    If I weren’t younger and thinking about the ability to have and find joy in family and kids I’d pick Edward… but I want Bella to live and be able to experience those things… that sounds cheesy…but it’s true!

  39. Aubrey :

    Definitely Edward. I can’t stand how Jacob tries to stand in the way of them.
    byubabe14 at yahoo dot com

  40. kygirl :

    I don’t know either, but they sound interesting.

  41. Miss Spoken :

    Jacob. He seems more tangible to me.

  42. Alice H :

    I’m sorry I don’t know who they are – but I’d like to find out! (afdr3d@umkc.

  43. Mamalang :

    I’m really going to have to read this Twilight series…everyone raves so much, and I have a teen that would probably enjoy it to. This would be a good introduction though!

    (I’m here via designmom!)

  44. Cherie J :

    Edward because he is honorable and Bella truly needs him.

  45. Britt :

    Edward is like that first love that will never be replacable, but Jacob might make a better choice… hard to say

  46. Melanie L. :

    I choose Edward, since that is Bella’s first love.

  47. laesmralda :

    I would love to start a new author into my collection. I hope I win. :)

  48. bfox74 :

    Jacob…simply because it’s my grandson’s name!

  49. kasey :

    I have heard a lot about these books, but since I haven’t read any of them that’s a question I can’t answer.

  50. idahomom :

    Edward because i like the name. Thanks for the chance.

  51. Blanco's Blunder's :

    I am doing this for my daughter, Rachael, she has read all three books in the series at least 3 times. She thinks Edward is the best. She found a necklace charm with the name “Edward” and wears it all the time. She is counting down the days until Breaking Dawn comes out (August 2nd). I enjoyed the books and will read Breaking Dawn and The Host as they come out. It would really make her day to win the book. Thanks,

  52. KYbuckbuster :


  53. M.A. :

    Gonna go with Edward.

  54. KLM39 :

    Edward is my favorite. I love his intensity and his passion.

  55. llsdogmom :

    Edward! It is so intense!

  56. llinda29 :

    I choose Edward

  57. Sky :

    Oh my goodness…it would have to be Edward. He’s so polished…and beautiful. Plus, they are so drawn to one another and he and Bella are meant to be. I really do love that Edward Cullen!

    And I LOVE the Twilight Saga…I really drug my feet on reading this series…and can’t tell you how glad I finally did…great books!

  58. Lindsey :

    I’ve been waiting for this one to come out! Now I’m waiting to get it from our library but it would be awesome to win a copy! :-)

    I loved both Edward and Jacob…

    ? Lindsey
    ladyufshalott at yahoo dot com

  59. Sara L :

    Oh gosh – I don’t know who Jacob or Edward are – but I promise to read the book if I win!

  60. mannequin :

    I don’t know Edward and Jacob but from their names, I think I’d like Edward. He sounds classical.I would like to get to know them; perhaps seaside.

  61. Jan W :

    I keep seeing this series and I don’t want to be left out! Thanks for offering it.

  62. Crystal :

    I like Edward better because he’s the first love and Jacob has anger issues.

  63. dessie10 :

    Love the name Jacob.

  64. the HeartTongues :

    for me, it isn’t even a question! EDWARD–100%. and i know you feel the same way, Ali. :)

  65. nettie :

    edward is creepy to me.

  66. The Beauty Bug :

    I have read some of her books and really liked them but not the twilight series – Sure would love to read The Host.

  67. susan1215 :

    I haven’t read the book, please enter me

  68. theamira :

    It has to be Edward. Jacob is a friend and although he saved her, I don’t believe she could ever love him to the extent she loves Edward.

  69. Lindy :

    Edward all the way! Ohhh, yum!
    I can’t wait for the new book to find out who Bella chooses!

  70. Cyndi :

    Edward seems more stable but Jacob is fiery so I’d say Jacob

  71. Durrett Family Band :

    I’m totally a Jacob girl. He lets Bella have fun and be herself without trying to parent her, like Edward does. Thanks for the giveway! Hope I win.

  72. raych :

    COMMENT OF MY CHOICE! I’ve heard so much buzz surrounding these books. If I win this, I’ll make sure and read them in order.

  73. Daniel M :

    been wanting to read this one… regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  74. Karrie :

    Jacob! I am reading the Host right now and I think Jacob is great

  75. Jean :

    Thank you!

  76. melonkelli :

    I would love to know who Edward & Jacob are. I guess need to spend more time at the bookstore!

  77. NSMOM :

    Sadly, I don’t know Edward or Jacob so I guess that means I need to win the book so I’ll learn??

    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  78. geekbearinggifts :

    I’m all about Edward. It’s the nice girl likes bad-boy, dangerous guy kind of thing, I guess. Yes, I know it’s not good for us, but we all do it to some extent. Not that I’d want to take him home to meet my mother…

  79. susanhales :

    Definitely Edward – such a romantic!

  80. Poulsen Family :

    How I would love to win The Host, I’m number 300 or so waiting in the reserved line of my library. Any hoo, I really can’t decide who I love more, but I think it’s Jacob because he seems more real to me.

  81. her5boys :

    Not sure of either one, but anxious to find out!

  82. susanstewart :

    Surprisingly, Jacob. I was all about Edward for the first two books but I felt like he lacked passion in the third book. Jacob was willing to fight for Bella and I liked that!

  83. Sarah M :

    I have to say Edward. I think Jacob is such an immature jerk and that Edward is totally amazing. I would love to win the Host, I haven’t read it yet. Thanks for a great giveaway!


  84. Hil'Lesha :

    Great giveaway!

  85. Lori :

    Well, of course Edward is more handsome and intense but Jacob is more fun. It really is a tie. The only reason I say that Jacob should win is because Edward is a 90+ old man…. What would he possibly have in common with a 17 year old girl? But, what a story, and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

  86. - Marybeth I. :

    I have not read either but based on everyone’s comments I would say Jacob

  87. denverallens :

    Wow, they are both so different. But if I had to choose, it would be Jacob, he is always, always there!

  88. denverallens :

    I’d have to say Jacob. I just love him. He’s so fun and playful.

  89. Ryan ? Breelyn :

    When I read the first book I was totally IN LOVE with Edward! My husband started getting a little bugged because I’d say “Oh Edward would have done this” or “I could never imagine Edward saying that!” All in good fun. However as perfect as Edward is (minus leaving her even if it was for a semi-good reason-bad call) he is mature for Bella. When Jacob’s character was introduced there was this fabulous connection that was about a young man falling for a young girl. It was fresh and real. If the world were right and vampires didn’t exist they would find their future in each other. When I read how Bella saw her future with Jacob and saw their children in her mind I just cried and cried for them both because there could have been such a beautiful potential happy young love there. Edward, lets face it, is OLD! Their relationship is HEAVY! It was refreshing to read about Bella and Jacob. I vote JACOB!!!

  90. kristilb19 :

    Jacob!!!! Please enter me!

  91. Jessica :

    i’ve wanted to get into her books so badly, i’ve heard so many good things.

    sundaygirl at gmail dot com

  92. robynl :

    I have to say Edward after hearing that Jacob is obsessive in his relationship.

    yourstrulee at sasktel dot net

  93. Linda SS :

    Here I thought I was a bookworm but guess I have missed out…sorry:) I do appreciate your book recommendations, and will be checking into this saga.

  94. Eryn at :

    I think I need to read something that isn’t a text book. Ugh. I am far too young to be this out of the loop. :( Thanks for hosting the give-away!

  95. Adriana :

    What a tough question… can’t it be both?…~laugh~

    I don’t know… It looks like Edward and Bella HAVE to be together… their love seems just so strong, but I do find it sometimes weird… he is too cold and old and the fact that she is going to have to leave everything behind to be with him..

    Jacob for me it’s like a better match for Bella… makes her happy, and he is warm and nice, but it can we dangerous to be around if he looses his temper!

    I know I know I didn’t make a decision… but I really want to say both!

    My e-mail is on my blogger profile. Thank you for giving away this book, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

  96. pauline15 :

    In all honesty I have never read Stephanie’s books, but after meeting her in Utah the other day, I went out and bought the first book in her Twilight series, it’s awesome. I am very anxious to read The Host as well!

  97. Bebemiqui :

    I’d have to say Jacob because his personality reminds me of my studly hubby.

  98. Panjo Kids :

    Ooh, so hard! I was a big Edward fan, but toward the end of the series I started rooting for Jacob. I think I’m more on Jacobs side now. They have more fun together!

  99. wgbc1446 :

    I haven’t read the series yet, but I would like to. Thanks for the contest!

  100. Dorothy R. :

    Jacob, of course

  101. Anonymous :

    I’d love to win this book. I’m on the waiting list at the library, but there are at least 100 people before me. I guess that’s about the same as this list though, so we’ll see.

    As for my favorite Twilight guy, I’d have to say Jacob. I know this is a silly criticism for a character in a science fiction book, but Edward is just a little to unreal for me. Jacob is much more believable. I guess because I’ve known guys with similar personalities to Jacob, but not Edward.

    beccachristenen at hotmail dot com

  102. Diana :

    I love edward. he is perfect. i also happen to love vampires so i will always choose edward over jacob.

  103. DePro :

    Count me in! I’ve been wanting to read this.

  104. mommysweeps :

    Jacob, he’s my choice.
    Love this series, everyone should read it!

  105. yellowlabs :

    Not sure, but would love to find out!

  106. bison61 :

    I do not know who these people are-but I would still like to win!

    tiramisu392 (at)

  107. Belinda :

    I don’t know who either Edward or Jacob are, but – from the sounds of the comments – Bella is torn between them, so I’d like to find out!

  108. Crazycat :

    My daughter and I read these books! I say Edward – Jacob has turned too whiny.

  109. Valeen :

    Definately Jacob. I feel so sorry for him, with the whole unrequited love thing going on!

  110. Leisa :

    I can’t say… but I was amazed to see the books translated into Catalan today. The Host should be interesting.

  111. jaydonco1 :

    I’d say Edward because their love is so deep!

    jaydonco1 (at) aol (dot) com

  112. Helen :

    Jacob only because I find Edward to be annoying!

  113. Rachel :

    I have to choose Edward. I really like Jacob but it’s always been Edward. I actually want Bella to become a vampire so they can stay together.

  114. InMyHeart01 :

    I pick Jacob, I always like the more down to earth characters.

  115. Michelle :


  116. stephanie :

    omg, i have to saw edward. i always prefer vampires over werewolves. :)

  117. Dawn Gahan :

    I just can’t “warm” up to the idea that Edward is physically so cold. Just can’t imagine snuggling with him, whereas Jacob is warm.


  118. PsychMamma :

    This is the first I’ve heard of the series, and I’m super-intrigued. I’ve added it to my book shopping list. Maybe by the time I’m through the first ones, the next one will be out! The Host also looks fabulous, so it’d be great to win it for a summer read. Thanks for a great review, link and giveaway!

  119. Staci :

    I haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet, but I wouldn’t mind. They are reserved forever at our library so I would like to get my hands on my own copy of one.

  120. renfam5 :

    I’d have to say Edward just because his love seems more pure … Jacob’s seems more obsessive and less mature. I can’t wait till the next chapter in this series!

  121. flared0ne :

    I’d say Edward — he seems to have a wider “life” to deal with.

    For anyone NOT familiar, google “Edward Jacob Bella” and follow the wikipedia links…

    Thx for the chance at this book!

  122. Stepi :

    Definitely Edward! Jacob is too young and manipulative. He’s a big baby!

  123. Kathleen S. :

    I would have to go with Edward, but I can also see how one would fall for Jacob also. I love her books, I just started reading the second one.

  124. snytar :

    Cool prize.

  125. mom2bears :

    I say Jacob. I am a sucker for the underdog.

  126. jryamada :

    I wish I knew which I liked better. I love to read and would love to try a new author.

  127. Jayme Isaacs :

    I Have Not Read The Books But I Have To Say Bella Because She Truly Loves Edward.

  128. Brooke :

    Jacob! Jacob! Jacob!

  129. bndraldy :

    There seems to be a lot of controversy over your question. I haven’t read the books, but the reader comments were interesting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. angie :

    I have just now started to read the series so I cannot choose yet. My 12 yo daughter has read the books and she says ‘Edward!’.
    She’s been looking forward to reading The Host as well.

  131. purango :

    I love this contest. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  132. Anonymous :

    Love jacob followed edward; many thanks SW

  133. klp1965 :

    im gonna be honest i have no clue who they are but i would love to get to know them ;)

  134. Anonymous :

    My one and only travel bag is so old and has no zipper, so everything tends to fall out. This would be a beautiful bag for me and I would take great care of it.

  135. Ena :

    This is so exciting! I just purchased the first three books and started on Twilight. I love it! I am probably a quarter into the book and have only just been introduced to Jacob. Edward is getting far more air time so far. But I don’t know that I trust him yet, so I’d have to pick Jacob.

  136. Carolyn (Harbor Hon) :

    I just started reading Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight series. Love the way she describes Edward. Can’t wait to read the rest of them, but money is tight right now. Would love a chance to win this one though. Thanks for hostessing this giveaway. xxoo

  137. mariel :

    As a Harry Potter fan, I’ve had Twilight recommended to me often…I hope to start it as soon as I get through some other books I’ve had stacked up for a while! This would be a great win, thanks :)

  138. calgirl :

    Jacob would be my pick. He seems more a believable charactor and one that is more grounded

  139. pintolinda :

    I like Edward best. His character interests me the most.

  140. pintolinda :

    I like Edward best. His character interests me the most.

  141. Aubrey :

    I’ve actually already read the Host, but I had to borrow a copy. I really liked it so I’m getting in on this and if I win I’ll lend it out to everyone I know.

    Edward is my favorite because Jacob is just filler. He seems like a nice guy though. I hope he imprints on some nice werewolf girl in Breaking Dawn.

  142. woolies :

    It is a tragic thing to have to admit that I have not read this. As an English major, one of my favorite things to do is read. If you can figure out a way to read and knit at the same time, let me know.
    I would love to win. :0)

  143. Janice Wright :

    I like Jacob better. Jacob seems more down to earth.

    jwright at iowatelecom dot net

  144. TheAngelForever :

    Oh my, I am not good at making decisions. I like Jacob for how he was such an amazing friend to Bella and Edward for always being there for her. If I HAVE to pick it would probably be Edward.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway I can not wait to finally get to read this book by Meyers.

  145. bevsclark :

    I haven’t read these book, however, my 16 yr old daughter, who hates to read…loves the Twilight series. I would choose the name Jacob because that is her boyfriends name!

  146. Viv :

    Edward is my favorite, because the character is so complex and such a worrier and so analytical that he seems like a real young adult (even though he’s a vampire and of course much older!).

    I do feel badly for Jacob, but I think he needs a girl who understands the werewolf thing a little more.

    Cool Moms Rule

  147. Amira M :

    after only reading the first book i would say edward but i can feel jacob being something of a calming for bella

  148. Leslie :

    I think I’d have to pick Jacob. The relationship is less disfuctional. :)

  149. Meaghan F. :

    I used to like Jacob a bit in the first two books; however, I find him very egotistical now. I really like Edward and always have because he is so caring toward Bella. He wants only whats best for her, and that’s a true love.

  150. judybrittle :

    i have never read these books so i will choose edward. i like the name.

  151. Anna :

    Never read these, so I’m not sure!q

  152. Haylee :

    I have yet to read the Twilight series…but it’s on my ‘to read’ list…so hopefully this summer, sometime. Anyway, I’m gonna go with Edward because Ed is a much cooler nickname than Jacob. And, I think you should pick me because I will give the book to my sister (a huge Stephenie Meyer fan) because I love her. Wow, that was long!


  153. Connie :

    This series sounds really interesting! I would love to try out a book….

  154. Emilie :

    I haven’t read the series but I could use another book. I’m in a book club but I finished our last selection so fast I need another!

  155. Foram :

    i like a mizture of both i like that jacob is willing not to listen to you if you want him to stay with you instead of go fight to make your life safer i like that he cares so much he doesn’t want to listen to you but i like that edward does lsiten do you understand what i’m saying =p like i want him to listen but i don’t. In the end if i had to choose i’d choose to be with jacob so i can grow old with him and have a family and have kids and experience teh pleasant chagnes in life while with edward even though he’s irresistable and so sweet and amazing i think living forever sounds terrible and not having to experience things (sex) or no having children or living forever all just doesn’t sound so amamzing.

  156. Donna :

    Honestly, I can’t chose since I didn’t read the first book. But I have seen and read alot about this book, and it looks good.

  157. Cadmar :

    I would love to read this book, it looks very good!

  158. raquelxfm :

    team edward

  159. Julie D :

    Sorry. I’m one of the ones who don’t know who you are talking about. :(

  160. Tammy :

    Thanks for the chance.

  161. Swtlilchick :

    I don’t know either one of these
    characters,but I have heard good
    reviews on this book.Would love to read it.Please enter me and thanks

  162. lilyk :

    I’m afraid I don’t know who Jacob and Edward are but I would like to learn more about them!

  163. ????? :

    Jacob is so much better than Edward. Edward annoys me with that obsessive always-there thing that he does. Besides…Jacob would keep me warm at night with his 108 degrees body temp, and Edward would just freeze me to death.

  164. Homework.geek :

    Brittney Nguyen- Texas
    I’d have to say Edward because even though he may seem perfect there are times when he’s insecure about his and bella’s which is just cute in my opinion but overall i prefer Ian O’shea out of all of Stephenie Meyer’s characters because well simply because of this quote:
    “It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not the body, but what you do with it. You are beautiful.”
    that is my favorite quote in the host

  165. Luvdaylilies :

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway=)
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net