sparkle power giveaway!

Who needs to decorate a nursery? Playroom? Laundry room? Up for grabs is a set of Vintage Map Wooden Blocks + a La La Love You poster from Sparkle Power. Total value = $25



Giveaway Details:

  1. To enter the Sparkle Power Giveaway leave me a comment on this post telling me where you’d put this fabulous set of blocks + poster.
  2. If you blog about this, you get an extra entry. Email me at to let me know you’ve posted about it, with a link to the post.
  3. If you twitter about it, you will receive an additional entry. Again, email me. You can email me once for both, just send me two links in one email. This means you can get TWO extra entries for this giveaway!
  4. If you post my button on your blog, again, you guessed it, an extra entry. You can find the button at the top of my page with instructions how to put it on your blog.
  5. Leave only one comment please.
  6. Anonymous comments will be ignored.
  7. The deadline to enter is Monday April 6th, Midnight MST. Winners will be announced Tuesday April 7th.
  8. If I don’t hear from you within 7 days to claim your giveaway another winner will be chosen. Seriously folks, come back and get your prizes.
  9. Good luck!
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  1. Andrea :

    I’d put them in my two-year-old’s bedroom. Seriously, they’d look perfect in there.

  2. Rachael :

    my triplets turn 2 in july + i plan on redecorating their room once they move to toddler beds. these would be perfect for what i had in mind!

  3. shana :

    Well, I’d put them in my sweet little Anna’s bedroom.
    And, I’ve already got your button on my blog. Does that count?


  4. Lucy :

    My little man is due in June and these would look perfect in his nursery!!

  5. Heather M :

    They’d go in my 22 month old’s bedroom!! Thanks

    hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

  6. Dumaurier :

    My son has mounted bookshelves devoted to all his favorite books, these would look so good on them

  7. valerie2350 :

    these would be cute in my living room

  8. AlliSMiles :

    I’d save them for a future nursery!

  9. Pam :

    We’ve just bought a new house in which my baby girl would have her own room (right now she shares with her big brother). These would look fabulous in there!

    melacan at hotmail dot com

  10. Valerie :

    I’m torn, my brother is expecting his very first baby and these would be perfect for the new nursery, but selfishly I adore those blocks and would love to stack them on my mantle!

  11. Jan :

    We have a playroom at our house just for our grandkiddoes to use – filled with their current toy favorites, TV/DVDs, coloring table, etc. That’s where these would go. Love them!

  12. blythe :

    id put them in new babys room!

  13. Susan :

    They are adorable! I love the maps and would be perfect to mark down everywhere we’ve been for the baby to see!

  14. Marci :

    We get them both?! I would put the blocks in the room I’m preparing for my new baby due in 6 weeks (who’s counting?!), which is in serious need of some cute stuff, and the love sign in the girls’ play area!
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  15. Marci :

    I have your button on my blog!
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  16. Naomi :

    Jasper’s room, for sure. Roo already has a ton of stuff going on in her room but Jasper’s needs some lovin’. And he’s a pretty baby, don’t mean maybe, blah blah blah…

  17. Janssen :

    I’d put the blocks on my end table in my living room – I LOVE them. So fun and cute.

    And I’d put the map in the master bedroom because the colors are perfect!

  18. Amy :

    It would go in our nursery! I love that print, that is just too cute, and the color i want to use in the room! :)

  19. mail4rosey :

    I would put the blocks and the map downstairs in the game room. My son has a corner for his toys, and there is plenty of room also to hang the map.

  20. Wehaf :

    I would put the poster in the kitchen, and the blocks in the playroom!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  21. Kristen :

    I would love to put the print in our bathroom, is that strange? :)

    And the blocks, oh, they would be on the living room floor, near the fridge, in my little one’s bed….we loooove blocks around here.


  22. Meredith :

    They would go in the nursery. Cute cute.

  23. C. :

    We have a small bookshelf in our nursery that needs some livening up and these would be perfect! Plus, my husband would approve and he’s tough to please in the baby-decorating category.

  24. Elizabeth :

    I’d use the blocks in my twin boys new big boy(s) room!!! I’d give the poster to my friend for her daughters room her nick-name is LA LA!!

  25. Heather :

    I’d put them in my daughters room she would absolutely LOVE them!

  26. Deb :

    La La La Love these! I’m in the midst of redecorating my son’s room so I would put the blocks on a shelf in his room. I would put the poster in our laundry room so it would be the first thing we’d see as we walk in the door.

  27. Lisa :

    Darling. I’d put the blocks in my baby boy’s nursery and the poster in my bedroom :)

  28. Alicia :

    The poster would go over my youngest son’s crib, which is in our room. The blocks would go in my older son’s room.

  29. Missy :

    my boy just turned 2 and his nursery is needing a big boy update, so the blocks would go there. the poster, on the other hand, would be mine all mine!

  30. M.A. :

    Perfect! The blocks will be kept handy on the coffee table and the poster will go in a sweet little girl’s bedroom.

  31. Bea :

    I’d put them in my soon-to-be born daugther’s nursery. They’re so neat!

  32. susan :

    These would be perfect in my little one’s room.

  33. sweetsue :

    I have a bookshelf in my hall that I keep some vintage toys on. I would put the blocks on that. I would give the sweet poster to my baby grandson.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  34. Melissa :

    I’d put them in my almost-three-year-old’s room. We are redecorating for her birthday!

  35. Shay :

    I would give the blocks to my sister in law who just had a baby boy and I would give the poster to my other sister in law who’s name is Lauren but we call her La La.

  36. EB :

    I’d also save them for a future nursery!


  37. leigh :

    I LOVE those blocks. They are so cool. I’d put them in my boys’ bedroom (there are 4 boys – so I’d have to choose one room or buy another set). I think I’d hang the love poster next to my husband’s side of the bed.

  38. rubynreba :

    I would give the poster to my granddaughter – she’d love it! I have a sun room with a globe and the blocks would be gorgeous in there. thanks for the chance to win.

  39. ktgonyea :

    These would be great in my son’s room.

    ktgonyea at

  40. the emily :

    Oh my gosh, my 2-year-old’s room is sailboats and old vintage maps…those blocks would be PERFECT in there! The poster would also work, but I might have to keep that for myself. PLEASE!!!

  41. Katrina :

    I would put these in my daughter’s play room!

  42. :

    What a fun giveaway, those blocks are adorable! I’d gift them to my sister-in-law who is having a baby boy soon (and maybe she’d let me borrow them If I ever get a boy outta my husband, tee hee).

    Jamie :-)

  43. Jenrab :

    I’ve been eyeing this poster for quite awhile now! I love this giveaway! This would look perfect in my little guy’s future “big boy” room!

    Jen {at} NextKidThing {dot} com

  44. the pearson ANTiCS :

    oooh…i la la love them both! i’d put the blocks in my son’s room…who is a map LOVER! and the poster in my 5 month old’s room…geat colors!

  45. Mags :

    There blocks are great. I would love to put them in my child’s room. They would look adorable in there.

  46. vboackle :

    i would put them in the den because we are here the nost.

  47. lovely lindsay :

    both of these items are in my etsy favorites. love that!
    the blocks would find a special spot in my boys’ room and the i’d la la love to hang the poster in our office! thanks!
    love, lindsay

  48. Tiffani :

    I’d save them for my future laundry room.

  49. simone/ thebubbledies :

    The blocks would go in the living room for play time & the poster would go on the wall in the nursery. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  50. Jen :

    I would put the blocks in the office and the poster in my daughter’s room.

  51. Terri Fisher :

    I would put these in our soon-to-be-adopted daughter’s room, most likely. I love the blocks!

  52. Alice H :

    I’d put it in my son’s nursery – the poster near the crib and blocks on a shelf. I’d love this – thanks for the chance! alicedemske at

  53. EJW :

    My son is moving into a new room when his sibling arrives in the fall, and the room is currently decorated with my cartographer husband’s maps. These would fit in perfectly!

  54. Anonymous :

    I would love them for my Husbands office. He has been a pilot in the Marine Corps for 13 Years. Just left active duty and is now with an Airline. Just moved into a new house and he finally has a room that will not be my Laundry/junk /guest bedroom. He is doing a map/travel theme. One wall am I decoupaging maps on. I owe him a nice office for all that he has done for our family LOL

  55. amber :

    I would love them for my Husbands office. He has been a pilot in the Marine Corps for 13 Years. Just left active duty and is now with an Airline. Just moved into a new house and he finally has a room that will not be my Laundry/junk /guest bedroom. He is doing a map/travel theme. One wall am I decoupaging maps on. I owe him a nice office for all that he has done for our family LOL

  56. Nance :

    My husband is obsessed with maps and globes. I’ve slowly been gathering little globes here and there to decorate his office. These cube ones would be an awesome addition to our little collection.

    nancy dot minster at gmail dot com

  57. Kim :

    I think I’d save them to regift honestly. My son would destroy this.

  58. Bernadette Uzcategui :

    Ahhh, I love those blocks & print! I would definitely put the print in my sunroom up front (where we keep all my son's art supplies & easel) and the blocks would start in his playroom, but likely end up in about 4 different rooms by the end of the day! What a great giveaway! Off to tweet about it…

  59. joolee :

    The blocks – my son’s bedroom! The print, MY room, so my husband can see it every day…
    And I’ll def. link you up to my blog!

  60. Angela :

    I love these! The blocks would go on a large bookshelf in my livingroom that is filled with Nathan’s theology booos. They would be just the things to livin’ up this small, seminary apartment. The poster would go in the hallway that connects the kiddos’ rooms.

    ~~~~Thank you~~~~

  61. MorganC :

    I would put them in the nursery to prepare for our little boy coming in July!

  62. Sara :

    I would put them in my daughters nursery! So sweet and simple, thanks!

  63. dctm :

    I would put these in my sons room

    dctm at bellsouth dot net

  64. Katie @ goodLife {eats} :

    That cute poster would go in my daughter’s room and the blocks in my son’s room. I LA LA LOVE the poster!

  65. The Dreamer :

    2 reasons:

    1) my son loves blocks and these are very pretty blocks that both of us could enjoy. Fun for him, eyes on the eyes for me. And educational too, maybe.

    2) My nickname has always been La La so having that poster is like me telling him I love him.

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  66. the student :

    Ooh, love them both! I'd put the blocks in my "creative room" and the poster by my front door so all my guests come and go feeling loved <3 <3 <3

  67. Stephanie :

    Hi, I would put the pic in my newly painted girls room. WOuld fit perfectly and the blocks on this cute Ikea shelf i bought!

  68. Pamela S :

    I’d put the poster on the door of the bathroom my children share. That way they’d be greeted by it first thing every morning and last thing every night!!

    The blocks I’d put on my fireplace mantle!!

  69. oona. :

    I would put the print over my daughter’s dresser, the colors go with her decor, and the sentiment would be the first thing she sees when she wakes up in the morning. I would put the blocks next to her collection of globes. She would love both treasures and so would Mama!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  70. Carrie :

    I’d put them in my toddler’s room, he’d love them!

  71. bocktalk :

    Playroom for sure!

  72. makeetis :

    I would put the blocks in my son’s room and the poster in my daughters room.

  73. Jeanne :

    These would be perfect for my baby girl’s room.

  74. Feed the moose :

    We have a set of toys for every major room in the house, and these would be perfect for our office, which has vintage maps hanging in it!

  75. Leslie :

    These are beautiful! I would put them on the shelf near my boys’ rooms, only letting them get them down to play occasionally;) And the poster would go up on that wall.

    These are amazing. Thanks for the chance!!


  76. Kiy :

    WE have travel decor all over our house, but I think these would look awesome in our loooooong hallway. I have a cool little table down there and have been looking for something to hang over it and something to put on it! Perfect giveaway for that spot!

    Cheers, Kiy

  77. carolyn :

    cool giveaway. I would use this in a spare bedroom I am working on.

  78. carolyn :

    I subscribe

  79. andrea v :

    I’d put this in my daughters room. She would love this. thanks

  80. Lindsay Brown :

    I would put the blocks in my 9 month old daughter’s room. I am a huge national geographic fan, so I already show her maps!
    The poster would be perfect for our bedroom (sky blue and brown paint on walls). After all, what better thing to see (and say) before bed every night!
    By the way…I love to check your blog (great ideas and funny posts). Plus, I’m from Utah!

  81. StarLight :

    h I love it! I would love to cover MY room’s bare walls with the poster and my girls could have the cute blocks in their room.

  82. Mary A :

    I would put them in my son’s nursery. Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. Annette :

    So cute! I would put them in our soon-to-be play room.

  84. Waxy :

    I’d give them to my niece who was born last month! The poster would look perfect in her nursery!

  85. JamericanSpice :

    I’d put these in my two year old’s bedroom. We don’t have much in decor in any of our rooms so this would be great.

  86. Carrie :

    My Sweet 4 year old daughter would flip to have those in her room. La La La LOVE it!
    rhubarbsky at gmail dot com

  87. Kathleen W. :

    My son will be moving to a big boy room soon–our guest room–so I can take back the nursery for my studio. The blocks would be going in his room (how perfect since the theme is maps and world travel) and the print would be for my studio.

  88. Katherine :

    I would def give the blocks away as a perfect baby shower gift but I would have to keep the poster for myself. I’d love to put it in my bedroom. I love the saying and the colors!

    kkondek at

  89. Lil :

    Well that print is going in a frame. Hanging in my bedroom. Those blocks will be stacked high out of toddler’s reach only to be played with on special occasions. Ella appreciated toys more that way.

  90. Smooshy :

    they’d both go in my husband’s home studio! he loves vintage maps and i love him!

  91. Camilla :

    These would go in my 6 year-olds room–he’s been really interested in maps lately!

  92. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row :

    Blocks would go in my 4 year olds rooms – poster in the kitchen!

  93. Heidi :

    These would go in my 2 year old twins room.

  94. Katy :

    I would give the blocks to my sons who share a room and the poster to my daughter who has her own room. I love your blog and just joined the fitness challenge..YEAH!!

  95. Mommy Daisy :

    This would be a great poster for my son’s bedroom. I think I would display the blocks in the living room with some of my things from world travels.

  96. Angie :

    The poster would definetly go in my oldest daughter’s room. Her nickname is “La-La”. The blocks would go in my youngest daughters room, she loves stacking up things then playing “godzilla”. It cracks her up everytime.

  97. Emily :

    My three kids share a room! I would put them in there!

  98. Erin :

    My kids room is a map theme and they would love these!

  99. Kim Wright Smith :

    I love these blocks. I would use these in my playroom. I have been looking for the perfect map to display, and these would be perfect.

  100. joel :

    We are finishing our kids’ playroom in the basement. I LOVE the poster and it would be perfect in there.

  101. lindsay lou :

    my sister and I are decorating her kids’ rooms right now. These lovely things would be just perfect!

  102. EllyBean :

    The blocks would go in the living room and the poster would go in the second bedroom!

  103. *~Dani~* :

    I am not sure where I would put the poster but I would either give the blocks to my nephew for his nursery or to my husband as a whimsical gift as he loves maps.

  104. paula michele :

    I would put the blocks in my son’s room on his dresser. The picture I would hang in my daughter’s room.

  105. Shooting Starchild :

    I don’t have a nursery (yet!) but I would put the poster at the head of my bed (we don’t have a head board) and I don’t know where I’d put the blocks. I love maps, so I’d probably just carry them around for a while.

  106. ktanjatk :

    I’d gift them to my niece!

  107. Deedles :

    I have a large wall unit that I think they would look great on.

  108. Sarah S :

    I would put both of these in our playroom. Love them both!

  109. Sherry R :

    These would go in the playroom. Love it!

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  110. Dierdra :

    This would go in my sons room. :)

  111. Marianna :

    These would look great in my son’s room! Thanks for a chance to win!

  112. Amy :

    In my little snoog’s room! They are so cute!

  113. Jen :

    I love these items and they would be beautiful in my dear daughters room or possibly the art/ playroom.

  114. Tsh :

    They’d go in our playroom – in the blocks bucket and on the wall!

  115. Brooke :

    I’d gift the blocks and the poster to my daughters’ preschool! I think they’d love them and all the kids could play with them.

  116. Janne :

    I would most definitely put them in my (home)schoolroom!

    Cute idea.

  117. Tylerpants :

    These would be fabulous in my son’s bedroom!

  118. Xenia :

    The blocks would go in our playroom and the poster would look great hanging in my daughter’s room.


  119. sito50 :

    I’d put the blocks on my home office desk and the poster in the girls’ room.

  120. liliesrnice :

    i’d hang the poster in my room since my little one’s crib is in here for now and put the blocks in her toy chest.

  121. Jen :

    Pick me…my husband (the geography major) and my son love maps! They could study them all day!

  122. trixx :

    The blocks and poster would be lovely in my living room!

  123. bklyndirt :

    Even if I don’t win them, the blocks are inspiration for a new project.

  124. Leah :

    My ds is such an explorer at heart, and I can already tell that the blocks and poster would be so magically perfect for him! : ))) And, where would they go? In his bedroom.

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  125. Sara :

    Ooo la la! Onto my wall it goes and the blocks to my Blakie-Poo nephew.

  126. txterrisweeps :

    I’d use them to decorate our playroom/library… but my husband would try to steal the blocks for his office. Thanks!

  127. lilyk :

    I would put this fabulous set of blocks + poster in my bedroom.

  128. Erica :

    The blocks and poster would be a perfect addition to the basement, which is our kids playroom!

  129. Kris :

    I would put the blocks in my 3 year old’s room and the poster in my 6 year old’s room. It would be great.