southern california, here we come.

laguna beach, california

I’m on vacation right now.  An honest-to-goodness family trip that doesn’t involve any specific duties, meetings, calls, or a set schedule.  And may I just sayI enjoy vacations quite a bit.  I’m reconnecting with my kids, playing U-NO and watching dolphins and coloring old Sesame Street coloring books on the hotel bed.  Stuff we just don’t have time to do at home.

Traveling to conferences isn’t me traveling for pleasure, just f.y.i.  I get to go to cool cities and see a lot of great stuff, but it’s never relaxing.  More often than not {read: always} by the time I get home I’m so exhausted I can barely see straight, so doing absolutely nothing for the space of a few days is particularly glorious.


The kids aren’t hating it either.

Here’s the thing.  California is my special place, my reconnecting with my family place, my healing place.  I come to see my rheumatologist, the only one who can properly treat my stupid Lupus, and stay for the scenery.  Hanging out in California is us making the best of a bad situation {driving from Utah to California to see my rheumatologist on a regular basis} and creating memories out of the deal.  We’re making lemonade, so to speak, and we’ve done it regularly enough that we’ve almost forgotten about the proverbial lemons.


What are you doing this weekend?  Is it fall break where you live?  Do you have a spectacular weekend ahead of you?

I hope so.

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  1. Shari :

    Looks like an amazing vacation. Enjoy your lemonade!

  2. shannon :

    Oh – have fun and relax…I grew up in So. Cal. A great place to be from and go to visit!

  3. Linda :

    You look like your right in my neighborhood. I love the ocean. It centers me. Have an enjoyable, refreshing, renewing stay here.

  4. katrina :

    Is that Laguna I see in the background?! OHHHH girlie, I am sooo jealous! :D

  5. the wanna be country girl :

    Have a safe and relaxing trip with you family. I love the fact y’all are playing u-no. We have a cabin in the mountains and we play U-NO there too. It’s funny we never play it at home. Isn’t vacation wonderful.

  6. LoveFeast Table :

    I think vacations are the best! I am on a mini-one right now…a weekend trip. I’m tagging along with my husband on his business trip…with out my kids…And, savoring my solo-pool-side chill time.

    Your trip looks lovely! Enjoy! ~Chris Ann

  7. Heather :

    I am so jealous! I love California. It’s my escape as well. I’ve been going there every summer to our beach house in Newport (from Utah) since I can remember. Have a wonderful time!