So you’d like to be a writer for me?

So you’d like to be a writer for me?

allison czarnecki

Friends, we need to have a talk.  It’s not ‘that’ kind of talk, we’re totally not breaking up.  I want you in my life, permanent like.  Forever and ever, besties till the end.  But here’s the thing: Petit Elefant is growing like a weed (or my teenage kid) and I need help getting awesome content into your lives every single day.   So, what do you say?  Are you in?  (I hope so!) email me for more details (after you read this): allisonATpetitelefantDOTcom

//  Here are the deets   //

  • make-up/beauty editor
  • hair girl/guy
  • style guru
  • travel writer
  • DIY craft/home
  • food (any and all)

 I’m hiring multiples for each category, and I want YOU, yes you! 



best mascara Maybelline vs Maybelline mascara face-off

Are you as obsessed with makeup and beauty as I am?  I hope so, because I want someone on the lookout for the newest amazing lipstick, the best liquid eyeliner that won’t run, how-to posts on cat eye makeup and the best way to wear foundation.  The whole enchilada.  Must have strong photography/editing skills, be detail oriented, and on time.  But I’m a pretty rad boss, for reals.

hair girl/guy:


hair editor

Are you pinning the best of hair every day?  Do you know how to do a mean: french twist, chignon?  Do you have all the tricks for making fine hair look thick and the know-how to make thick hair look amazing?  Can you photograph tutorials?  Yes?  Then I want you.

style guru:

how to wear skinnies

3 ways to wear booties this fall


Are you the official stylist for your friends?  Do you make over the closets of all your sisters, the dude in your life, and anyone on the street who asks for help?  Have you got any (on the ground) styling experience, or are you just super rad at putting outfits together?  Do you have a (really) great camera and love taking pictures of said outfits?  Before and afters?  Do you make a mean inspiration board?  You’re totes my girl/guy.

travel girl/guy:


travel tips

tips for good family road trips

 Have you been bitten by the travel bug?  Me too.  Are you all in for random road trips, ski trips, cruises, family vacations, trips local and abroad?  I thought so.  Do you have great tips and to-do lists for traveling?  How-to tricks for packing, airports, hotel stays, youth hostels, traveling with kids?  Do you take beautiful pictures while you’re about?  You’re just what I need!

DIY craft/home:


how to citrus scrub

how to make your own citrus scrub

How do you feel about DIY’s?  How to posts about all kinds of things like this citrus scrub, how to pore strips, ideas for organization, gardening, hosting a party, etc.  The stuff we all want to know, the kind of ideas we pull out of magazines for later, the tricks our mothers taught us.




watermelon coolerminty watermelon cucumber cooler

 Do you dream about food at night?  And daydream about how to make that delicious pork burrito you had at your favorite taco place last night?  Me too, I like food a lot.  Do you recreate recipes and make your own, and then take gorgeous photographs?  I love that about you!

If you think you fit the bill for any of this, I’d love it if you’d email me about the details because I want you to be a part of team Petit Elefant!  We have great Christmas parties!  (I’m kidding, we don’t have any Christmas parties, but I totally would if we worked in the same office).

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Hello there! I'm Allison Czarnecki, founder + editor of Petit Elefant, a blog all about style on a budget for every part of your life: style / home / travel / family. I do a lot of how-to beauty + style tutorials, travel posts, easy recipes, home remodel projects, and cool DIY crafts you totally want to try. I'm super happily married (to a hot Polish immigrant) and am the mother of two kids, a daughter and son, all of whom are featured here on the regular. We live in the country but we're a little bit rock + roll. Welcome!

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